Astral Nomads

One man, one woman, one rabbit......traveling with the stars.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


This little Blue Heron seemed non-plussed by Mr. Gator.

The palatial yet usually empty pool where we
are working on turning ourselves into bronzed nomads.

Otis, thankful that it's bird and not
Hassenpfeffer on the menu, receives some
morning affection.

Given a kitchen, it is impossible to prevent Wendy
from baking something. If you think her photography
is good (and it is) you should taste her baked goods.

Wendy's dad, Fred, is a TV enthusiast. That point
cannot be overstated. We never watch the tube but this
week we've indoctrinated back into the prime time schedule.

Stuffing pre-stuufing.
Did I mention the pie? Yes, my mind appears to
be going.

Wendy: I am very thankful that the Astral Nomads are able to fulfill their lifelong dream. I am equally thankful for the big extended family that will be celebrating in NJ and also in CA... love you guys! I will give thanks that I am able to celebrate this holiday with my Dad today and my Mom this weekend... it been too long away from them.

Gerry: T-Day SHOUT OUT to my family in NJ, CA, and PA. Gorge thyselves in glory! Save room for pie.


  1. The swimming pool looks wonderful! I assume Otis does a mean backstroke :-)
    The pie looks good, too. Q made a pumpkin pie and forgot to add the sugar! We called it the dietetic special :-)

  2. Thanks Tree... Otis isn't too fond of water so he stayed home with Pop. Actaully, I had to make the pie with Splenda as my dad is diabetic. It was good and spicy, but the after taste of fake sugar is awful! I would have preferred it with no sugar!