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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Port Richey

We went In Search Of the enigma that is New Port Richey and found a channel that runs into Tampa Bay so I suppose it is conceivable that some minor port-type activity may have occurred in the past. (Still no evidence of an Old Port Richey.) Apparently the city had a inchoate and ultimately fizzled stab at becoming an east coast version of Hollywood back in the 1920's. Now it's a sleepy little town with a few historic buildings on its tiny main street and not much else of note to the casual observer except a nice downtown lake with circular drive and and a modern boat launching ramp into the aforementioned channel. Also, old-time golfing great Gene Saracen lived here for a while.

Who knows why the ibis flocks?

This is the lake downtown. One source claims a 250 foot depth.
I don't know about that but I could not see the bottom.

This is the channel that runs through town.

This picture (and the one below it) were taken
in the development where Wendy's dad lives.

Oh yeah! Nothing wrong with being poolside
in November. Fred's development has a pool that
gets very little use except for crazy-ass Yankees.

Gators are everywhere. We use the threat to discipline Otis.


  1. Look at you stylish kids, sunning yourselves. I think I’ll go out and roll in the snow.

  2. @Mr. Michaelian: Have fun in the frozen white stuff. BTW, the 1931 Buddenbrooks disintegrated. It was in marginal shape to begin with and the binding did not survive our voracious reading. Bummer.

  3. Yes, in fact, I noticed its rapidly deteriorating condition in an earlier photo. Haven’t slept well since. But life goes on — for some. I remain yours, a hollow shell.

  4. @Mr. Michaelian: I don't think it's especially rare but I have my eye out for a replacement. You're not gonna hang the insomnia guilt trip on me, man. Ha! Plus, there was a special surprise I found tucked in the overleaf of the disintegrated volume (which I saved for you) which I want to send. Try to sleep now!

  5. A surprise, did you say? In that case, I shall resume my mailbox vigil. You’ve given me hope, Mr. Boyd! And for that, I thank you.