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Monday, November 22, 2010

Florida at Last

Rolled through those old Georgia cotton fields yesterday and landed safely in New Port Ritchey, Florida, home of Wendy's dad, Fred. It's just a tad north and inland of Tampa. We're stopping here for a few days in order to cook a bird for Fred for the American glutton-fest known as Thanksgiving. It's all good, I guess. It's going to be in the mid-80's (F) for the next few days so the Astral Nomads are happy to bask in the Florida sun. New Port Ritchey is a bit of an nominal enigma because it is not a port and there's no Old Port Ritchey.

Cotton, anyone?

Lotta construction going down on I-75. Cue the
rodeo clowns.

Van purred like a kitten for the third consecutive day.
(My paranoia is beginning to dissipate)

This is Fred's mean old cat, Isis. Otis is hunkered down
on the lanai but I don't think any deep friendship is
going to develop between these two. Otis has never even
seen a cat before and I don't think Isis is a good introduction
to the species for him. I think Otis might be able to take her
(he's used to punching out our daughter's bulldogs) but I
really don't want to see any fur flying. It could get ugly.

This is Fred's carport (with the Eurovan nestled behind his
Camry. Nice to be hunkered in a relaxing place for a few days.

-Astral Nomads (usual credits).


  1. Love the picture of Isis and Otis! Say hi to Fred for me.

  2. Glad to see you made it to FloRida (he is my favorite rapper ; ) No, Wen, not your dad. Have fun with that turkey or chicken or whatever bird you're cookin' up!