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Sunday, November 28, 2010

To Orlando Gumbofest

Wendy has a ton of family spread around Florida, so before we settle down into the nomadic camping life-style (yeah, I know, we promised adventure and we're doing the domestic circuit: we're almost there - hint: real camping starts 12/1). Anyway, Wendy's brother Eric invited us over to his house in the Delaney Park section of Orlando (real nice!) for his annual Gumbo Fest. Not sure if it's because his cool wife Carol is from Baton Rouge or not, but let me tell you: Eric Weigand makes about the best gumbo I've ever had. That's Eric's house in the picture above.

This is Eric's daughter Aubrey, although she
prefers to be called 'Billie'. She's a killer on the
basketball court and she decided that 'Billie' was
a better hoops name than Aubrey.

She also loves to read so Aunt Wendy came
through with some classic literature.

Oh yeah, trampoline too!

This is Eric's 'man-cave', a fully furnished hut
at the back of his property with a full kitchen.

Eric and me chilling prior to the
ceremonial first serving of the gumbo.

Carol made a brie that was cooked in pastry
that was to die for. I love me the mighty brie.

The mighty gumbo itself. Too bad you can't
eat the picture. Just believe me when I tell ya.

Aubrey, ooops, BILLIE with Aunt Wendy.


  1. You guys didn't happen to get the Gumbo recipe from Eric did ya? Man that looks good!

  2. @dale: recipe closely guarded secret. it was better than it looks even. ha!