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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crisp Day on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

It was a beautiful fall day here in western Maryland, so we drove over to Williamsport from Hagerstown and took a nice long walk on the old towpath of the former Chesapeake and Ohio canal. The canal original went from Cumberland, Maryland to Washington DC. The sun was bright but the air was crisp and the woods smelled fantastic. Wendy had the opportunity to take almost 100 pictures and here's some of my favorites:

We also saw a church named the 'Holy Ghost Explosion Ministries'. I'm half-tempted to catch a service this weekend. Maybe the Rev. Les Clipp could exorcize my atheism. We took a picture of the sign but we're saving it for the next sign collage post.

We had lunch at Turtle's Subs in downtown Hagerstown. They added their own confusing twist to the American linguistic kerfuffle over what to call a long sandwich. Since we're from northern New Jersey, we call them 'subs', short for submarine sandwich, regardless of whether the filling is hot or cold. (As opposed to Hoagies in southern New Jersey, Grinders and Po'Boys elsewhere, etc.) Well, at Turtles Subs, only the hot sandwiches are called subs and the cold sandwiches are called hoagies. Confusing indeed. When we ordered, Wendy asked for Thousand Island dressing on her turkey hoagie and the proprietor said "You do realize this is a hoagie, right?". We weren't really sure what he meant so we just said "Sure". The hoagies were really good and topped with sweet pickled peppers, a first for me. As we were ready to leave, I told the proprietor that the pickled peppers were fantastic and he looked over his glassed and asked: "You know where you can get those those pickled peppers?" I said "No, where?". He said "Only right here. I make 'em ma-self". Ha!

Tomorrow we're going to go by train from Frederick, Maryland to Washington D.C.

-Gerry (text) and Wendy (photos)


  1. Wendy and Gerry,and Otis!
    It is lovely to keep track and share your wonderful adventure.
    I have enjoyed learning so many new and interesting facts about your country.
    The photographs are superb and catch that autumnal crisp feeling.
    Continue with your travels in the knowledge that you are being followed, in a manner of speaking of course!!
    All good wishes, Eileen :)

  2. @Eileen: Thanks, all photo props to Wendy.

    @Barb: see above comment