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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sculpture Garden

Funny how you can live somewhere for most of your life and be oblivious to the wonders nearby. Our friends Sandy and Ron suggested we go to visit the Grounds for Sculpture, which it not that far from where we live and which I had never even heard of. Wow. What a clever and magical place to wander about. It's on the grounds of the former Trenton State Fairgrounds and it's just this marvelous outdoor sculpture garden. And a paradise for the photography of Astral Wendy.

When nudes scale brick walls, count me in!

Oh yeah, the peahens roam too.

The observatory stairs.

I suggested to Sandy that these might be persimmons.
One bite proved otherwise.

The shackles of the Illuminati.

Great shot Astral Wendy.

Macbeth witches in cauldron steam.

Gene Simmons, eat your heart out.

The real Tomorrowland.

A nice George Segal. Yeah, they have quality.

This table and everything on it is a sculpture.
Sandy and I are real. Or are we?

There are tons of 3D versions of Renoir.

Sneak peek at the employee's shower. Yowza!
Used to hate mirrors. Not so much now.

At the poker table.

Waterhouse lives!

So much depends upon the giraffe.

Find the heron and win a prize.


This was meant for kids but I just had to bang a gong.

The more intellectual a man is, the more he considers sheep.

Going Miley

I got my head wedged in there too.

Astrals in a disk. 

Ron and Sandy

No Gothic too small.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Das Schmetterlingen!

When you run out of things to do with Hapsburg real estate, especially a nice green house, why not entice folks in with butterflies? Or as we say in German 'Das Schmetterlingen'. Sit back and enjoy some Astral Wendy photographs.