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Monday, September 3, 2012

Oui, even more Paris

Yes, there's more....

Another day, another beautiful blue sky over the Seine.
What can I say? Paradise!

One of four Egyptian man-headed lions spitting water.
There are so many fountains in Paris that I guess
they started to go crazy in search of originality.

The runes on the columns reveal all.
If you can translate, please let me know.

Let's not forget the Patisseries!

Un Petit Joie de Vivre

When it's summer in the Tuilleries
life is, indeed, a carousel.

This was the day we decided to go to the Louvre. Since the
Astrals don't excel at planning, the Louvre was closed. Oh, well.
Might as well truck over and see what's going on with the Eiffel
Tower. We took the Metro part of the way. I found the Metro to be a tad
confusing at first, but somehow we muddled through.

Another palatial public space.

I think we're getting closer.

How can one city have so many identical streets?

Voila! We have arrived.

Just another gorgeous garden.

Since we were in the area, figured we should check out the 

Here's our hotel again, from another perspective.
Good Grief! Is that a minivan?

Back at the Brasserie, time for some braised bouef!

And some pork loin with coulis.

And back to the room for some relaxation.
Check out those curtains! Oh, the decadence.

Our home cocktail lounge. Not too shabby.

Down the rabbit hole. Or should I say the "Terrier du Lapin?"
Otis, you've been on our minds.