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Monday, November 1, 2010

Bloodied and Bowed but Undaunted

Oh! Mama! Can this really be the end?
To be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again*

We are back in the apparently inescapable vortex known as Hagerstown, MD. It's actually starting to feel like home. We pretty much know where everything is and there's a half-way decent chance the roadwork on the Dual Highway will be complete before we leave. I think I could drive from here to the coast and back with my eyes closed. This is all very surreal. Almost Twilight-Zonish. But, of course, I kept saying that the plan was to have no plan. Boy, did the universe take that seriously. I must have double-crossed myself by actually planning to drive to Florida. Ha!

The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men
Gang aft agley**

Had a great week in OC, the mercury hit almost 80F a few days and there's nothing bad about watching the sun rise over the ocean every morning. Wendy even learned to play pinball. I couldn't believe she had never played before. There was a machine in every luncheonette when we were growing up, but they were usually crowded by slick-back dudes in leather jackets and silk socks so I can see why she never tried.

Here's the story on the Eurovan. The warranty company decided to have the dealership replace the entire engine. The new engine is used but will still carry the warranty and will be installed at no cost to us. Plus, they're gonna pony up for the rental car. The only issue is time. The engine is being shipped and then it has to be installed so we're gonna be here at least until Friday. We are already lining up the list of day trips so we can continue the full Astral Nomads adventure. There's Gettysburg for starters. I am not a huge American History buff but, since we're here, what the heck. Then there's the George Washington National Forest just over the border in West Virginia that is calling out for some hiking. The Astral Nomads are nature lovers. Next, we want to see if there is train service to Washington D.C.. That would be a cool ride. If not, we'll drive to the closest Metro Station and head in from there. Hankering for some Mall and Smithsonian action.

We're at a pet friendly Econolodge so Otis wants you to know that he's doing fine. See the photo (above) of the young rapscallion stretching for a snacky-snack.

BIG shout-out to my friend Bill Haddon who claims to read this blog religiously.


*Dylan (of course)
**Robert Burns
***Who else?


  1. What's up Gerry, Wendy?
    While I don't claim religulous devotion to checking the site, I still keep an eye on you all.

    Hope the travels are going well.


  2. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

  3. @Ryan: We're having a ball despite some setbacks as noted. Mechanical things breaks and then they get fixed.

    @Bill: Ask and ye shall receive.

  4. @Sandra: Had to look this up to get the reference: