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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mallards and Swans and Carp! Oh my!

After seeing National Parks and County Parks, it seems only proper that we should visit a City Park. We discovered the Hagerstown City Park in a somewhat serendipitous fashion. I was using the PetSmart Store Locator because we needed to get some Timothy Hay for Otis (he prefers the Timothy Hay with Marigold that they carry at Petsmart) and on the store locator map I noticed the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, located in City Park. What a find! The park had a large shallow pond with hundreds of carp and a nice gaggle of waterfowl, mostly mallards but also a few swans and some other billed inhabitants that I'll have to look up to identify. It was a beautiful cloudless day near 60F degrees and I couldn't help but think what a wonderful thing a park is. The museum was small but it had a couple of interesting pieces: a Titian, a Tintoretto, and an original Norman Rockwell oil (the one of the boy at the optician's, not sure of the title). As far as the beauty of the park, I'll wisely let Wendy's photography do the talking:

-Gerry (words) & Wendy (photography)

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