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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fightin Words

Yesterday we were treated to a cold drizzly day of rain, one of only two that appeared during our stay here in MD. It was a welcome change and a good reason to go to the laundromat and read.
I stood outside for a bit to catch some fresh rain-soaked air, when two men came sauntering down the street in my direction. One one heavyset, the other very thin and were about the age of my sons. The older heavyset approached me directly and exclaimed, "My, my, I think you are the best looking woman I've seen on this block all day."
I was flabbergasted, though not at all offended. Then he flung out his arms and said, "I'm gunna hafta ask yo for a big hug." Normally I don't have a problem hugging people, but since I was kinda loitering on a street corner and Gerry was inside the laundromat reading, I was a little uncomfortable, so I stammered, "I-I-I don't think my husband would like that." At first he looked surprised, and then he rushed to the door, opened it, and yelled inside to Gerry, "I was just tellin yer wife whata fine lookin woman she be and was gunna give her a leetle hug... I meen't no harm. His friend was laughing all the while and added his two cents through the doorway, "cum out an kick 'is ass!" I'm sure Gerry looked fiercely opposing with his skull cap and spectacles as he looked up from his book and said, "It's cool man." They both slowly walked away, apologizing to me and I felt a little sorry, because I could see they meant no harm. So I noticed they were wearing Steelers logos on their knitted caps, so I gaily yelled out, "it's OK, Go Steelers! (I think they are a football team). Have a nice day! It was a nice compliment after all.

At night after a date at the local pizzeria for some hot parm subs and a movie (Megamind in 3D...a Wendy two thumbs up), we got home to feed Otis just in time for some real fighting words. There was a rising domestic dispute brewing down the hall, a man and a woman, which at a hotel like this isn't surprising as it seems that some people actually live here (yes, it's that kind of place) and people do argue. But suddenly another man appeared on the scene and now the voices were yelling just short of a scream. The manager had to come up and kick one of the men out or he was calling the cops! He did leave and shouted, "I'm gunna hurt him!" We cowered behind our bolted door and expected to hear gunshots. The drama ensued but seemed to have moved to the parking lot under our window. After a while it just became annoying and we fell asleep and I was happy to hear the loud crashing of thunder and pelting of rain instead of the spray of bullets that I was sure were to follow.

There is a ray of hope however, the engine has arrived and it being installed today. So we will be leaving here very shortly. Yayyy!

Be Well! Wendy


  1. Wendy, Gerry and Otis,

    It sounds like you are experiencing some of 'the reality' of all the movies you must have watched over the years.
    It will be fun when Otis gets to meet Horatio Nibbles!!
    Enjoying your ongoing adventures!
    Good Luck and Best wishes,
    Eileen :)

  2. It would have been amusing if Otis the 'Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog' with his "nasty, big, pointy teeth", so terrifying that your harassers would soil their trousers and run away in fear. One could only hope they didn't possess the holey hand grenade.

  3. If only I was wearing my glasses and could spell. Sorry ...."Holy hand grenade". my bad.

  4. @FJD: Ha! Funny story made funnier still.

  5. Phew. That's the kind of stuff that puts knots in my stomach. The latter more than the former.

    Q was recently talking about how total strangers come up to him and stroke his hair, which is ginger color and curly. They say it's for good luck. Weird. And similar to what you write above where it's inappropriate but not dangerous.

  6. Tree, I know how Q must feel. I must have that approachable look as total strangers seek me out and want to tell me their whole life history with some of the most provocative details. I'm a good listener though, and it helps that I really do like hair is very lucky and I read somewhere that by 2050 there might not be anymore redheads born. I sure hope that's not true!