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Saturday, November 27, 2010

To Oviedo

Well, the bird being history and all that, we packed up the van, said farewell to Fred and headed east to Oviedo FL to hang for a few days with Wendy's mother, Wiggy. Wiggy lives in Oviedo with Wendy's sister Bonnie and Bonnie's husband Michael. It's a bit ironic that Bonnie and Michael are actually in NJ because their daughter, Kelly, just gave birth to their first granddaughter. I hope, dear reader, that you can follow this. The ride from New Port Richey to Oviedo is just over two hours and the rather unremarkable since a new highway always you to skirt south of Orlando. No Magic Kingdom for the Astral Nomads. It's just DismalWorld to me.

Florida is ideal for succulents.

And, of course, oranges. Man, they grow on
trees down here.

This is Bonnie and Michael's house, in a nice quiet neighborhood.
We're gonna chill here until they get back and then head out south and
actually start to do some camping as we make our way down towards and
into the Everglades.

Oviedo's only claim to fame is the Oviedo Marketplace Mall.
We went there in search of a Starbucks so we could grab some Wifi.
I was never a huge fan of their coffee but it is starting to grow on me.

The mall was surprisingly empty, considering that
it's the day after Black Friday.

Wendy, being a little light on camping
formal wear, decided to check out this
ravishing number. Just the thing for a
Kumbaya sing-along, assuming a liberal
application of mosquito repellent about the
shoulders, arms, and neck.

We are going over to Wendy's brother Eric's for a Gumbo Fest this pm and tomorrow we're going to check out Wekiwa State Park. Back to nature...

Otis is hanging pool-side and happy.

PS - Big hugs and kisses to Annabel who is celebrating her 1st birthday today with a big family party! Love you baby girl!

-Gerry (text) and Wendy (photos)


  1. Wow Annabel is a year. Before you know it, you two will have to leave the nomadic trail and head back for her HS graduation. It goes by fast but you already know that! Say hi to Wiggy!

  2. Gerry! So funny about the Starbucks comment. :) Coffee is king.

  3. @DarkRiderNine: coming over to the dark side.

  4. Wiggy says hi Sandy! I would love to get a picture of her but she is very camera shy...we'll see though. Can't wait to see Bel's birthday video and I will be sure to return before her memory kicks in as I already know that I will be a very active influence in her life growing up!