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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Return to Hogg Rock & Bonus Otis Report

Since we missed Hogg Rock on our last visit to Catoctin Mountain, we returned today. I figure y'all are waiting on a change of scenery and, frankly, we are ready too. Hope to be heading south midweek but, in the meantime, we got nature so we's making nature-ade.

On the way we passed Caboose Farm. There's a full-size caboose sitting in a field. Why? I do not know. Let go into the mystery.

We stopped mid-trail on a little rocky rise to do some reading. Wendy is working through Buddenbrooks, Thomas Mann's epic tale of the vicissitudes of a 19th century German mercantile family while I am continuing to work through the Thomas Pynchon canon. Vineland, way more accessible though perhaps not as profound as Gravity's Rainbow, is quite quirky and filled with hilarity. Yes, we always read in tandem books whose authors have the same first name. While I did Dreiser, she did Seuss.

Here's a section of the bovine elements we happened upon today. Why? Wendy lurves cows.

**Free Bonus Report**: Otis Redding Rabbit 'On The Road'

Here Otis contemplates Wendy's new erasers and pencil sharpener with one thought in mind: Is any of this chew-able?

Here our brave young gastronome wonders: Can I possibly eat one more piece of lettuce?

With one paw forward in the classic stalking position, Otis pretends he's a panther.

Otis digs the high-flying lifestyle of hotel living.

Hay and litter in one convenient location. Make your own joke.

Will beg for apples.

Now I lay me down to sleep.


  1. I love this blog. Every post makes me smile.

  2. You're blocking.
    Get out of that God forsaken place. Hagerstown MD seems really depressing on so many levels.Get out while you can. "Its a death trap it's a sucide rap. Ya gotta get out while you're young....

  3. @Anomymous: 'seems' is operative word. Western Maryland is beautiful. Also, not 'while', 'when'. Ha!