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Monday, November 29, 2010

Altamont Springs

Ok, Nomadistas, one day until the camping begins in earnest. In the meantime, we're still visiting relatives and taking care of some quotidian business. I had to get a new pair of glasses since I left mine somewhere in either Tennessee or Virginia. Not only have I lost track of states, I am really not sure what day it is. My reckoning of time has pretty much devolved to Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow with an occasional Day After Tomorrow thrown in to keep me grounded. I also have to go to the dentist tomorrow since I cracked off a huge chunk of molar last week on something really hard in Ben & Jerry's new Creme Brulee. Suspect I might need a crown. If so, going with gold again. Love me some bling! In the meantime, we drove over to Wendy's sister Vicky's yesterday to say hello. She lives in Altamonte Springs with her husband Pepe and a chihuahua named Mimi. Very nice and cozy lake-front apartment.

 lots of gardens at the apartments here!

Florida oranges decorate the colorful buildings!

This is the view from her bedroom window!

Vicki and Pepe

Mimi is Vickie's baby... so cute she is! She was a rescue dog who was said to have many issues from former abusive owners. Lots of love from Vic and Pep have turned her into a wonderful little poochie!

Vicky, Mimi, and Wendy

They even have a clubhouse, pool, and gym here!

A neighbor visits...

and then two more neighbor friends (the wee one is a turtle)

Now even more neighbors greet us...

including Lucifee! Lucifee!

We booked seven nights at a campground starting Wednesday so tomorrow we'll post some preliminary pictures of Wekiwa State Park. (We did some hiking there yesterday to check it out). After that, we'll be off the grid for a week until we can find some Wifi. The park has hikiing, biking, a natural semi-warm spring, and canoeing so our plan is to drop back into nature for a bit before beginning to work our way south. They say the black bears are harmless. Ha!
Gerry- text, Wendy- photos and additional commentary.


  1. The park you're heading to sounds great! Enjoy!

  2. Bears, alligators and pythons are usually pretty friendly if you have a sacrificial rabbit to offer them! So love the braids Wen!

  3. Thanks Tree... we'll be there tomorrow!

    Otis will be kept in a puppy pen with us watching at all times... it's hawks that I worry about the most. I have seen them carry off rabbits. Thanks Sandy!

  4. Tell Vicky I said hello guys? Ma check your email sending you some pics of the new digs.