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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scenes from Ocean Beach

What have the Astrals been up to? Loafing. Loafing, pure and simple. Today was cloudy and windy with a touch of rain. Rain in Southern California you say? Yes, it's true. It barely matters though since it's paradise anyway. Since we didn't do much today, thought we just share some scenes from the coolness that is Ocean Beach.

Right next to our hotel is a restaurant complex with Shades downstairs and
Nicks's at the Pier upstairs. Both are quite good.

Just past the pier are some rental units on top of the sea cliffs. Don't
think we have not been tempted to just sign a lease.

Can't say enough good things about the Ocean Beach Hotel. Very
chill, great location, and the courtyard is shielded from the street by
these windows.

The courtyard has a very European flavor to me.

Everyone raves about Hodads and even stands in line to eat there but
The Barbecue House of Ocean Beach on Newport kicks butt. Here's a
lamb gyro (foreground) and a BBQ pork sandwich. Best pork ever.

There are tons of classic VWs in SoCal in a wide spectrum of conditions.

I've seen more vegetation that I cannot identify here than anywhere.

And they have the Padres!

This is a hiking trail near where the San Diego river empties
into the Pacific Ocean. It's right by the Dog Beach, oh yeah.

This is the heron we were promised in Galveston but never saw.

The San Diego river.

There are worse places to loaf around.

At the Dog Beach, Oh Yeah! Dogbeach!

We're still fascinated by these huge seaweed balls. This one is
about 1.5 times the size of a softball.


  1. The seaweed balls look like they're about to explode.Gorgeous pics as usual Wendy.
    So you'll be seeing your grand-daughter soon?
    I'm seeing Dylan on Saturday! Back to England on Friday.
    See ya!!!

  2. Yay!!! I'm flying to NJ tomorrow to see my granddaughter and I'm so excited as you must be as well Star! Safe journey and have a wonderful time!

  3. Hi Wendy:)

    just passing thru but had to compliment you on the beautiful photos with the descriptions. happy trails....

  4. Thank you sojourner! My hubby does the commentary here. We both wish you happy trials as well!

  5. Lovely Wendy! How long are you in Jersey?

  6. I'll be flying to NJ tomorrow morning and then flying back on Monday... a quick trip to see Bel and the kids. We both should be back in NJ sometime in May to set up a home base before we go traveling again. It's true... there IS no place like home.

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