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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Little More Coachella

One of the best things about Coachella is the venue itself. It's in the desert, of course, an environment that the Astrals have come to abhor. But it is surrounded by majestic mountains, some of which are snow-capped. When you're sitting there baking in the heat, it's easy to fantasize taking a quick helicopter ride to one of the crystal summits. And the sunrises and sunsets are always cool. The desert is funny in terms of temperature swings too. Blazing hot during the day but as soon as the sun goes down the temperature drops rapidly. 

Not exactly sure but I think this is a sunrise.

There are numerous venues spread out over a wide area.

This is the main stage. If you didn't want to crowd up front,
you could just lay out in the grass. The sound was
pretty good for the most part and there were giant
video screens. We're a little too old for the mosh pit.

It's a freak-out man!

Back in tent city, it was time for beer again.

Think I could get into Wu-Tang?


Black Rose? Check. Skull? Check. Tyrone face on? Check.
Ready for Erikah Badu? Oh Yeah!

Hippie medallion screaming cool. Cool jerk.

Waiting to ride the big wheel.

Tent City from the ferris wheel. Yeah, it was packed. Each car gets a 10' by 30' space. Not much room for anything but a car and a tent.

The Tallest Man in the World, a really good folk singer from Sweden. Astral
Wendy kept calling him that 10-foot tall guy. Ha!

The wall of stank. Actually, they did a pretty decent job keeping these
cleaned. All things considered.

The moon was in fine form for the festival.

The last night of the festival got super windy. When we got back to
our site, our EZ-up canopy was wrapped around the pop-top.
The campground looked like a tornado hit in spots.

What happened?

This will be our last post for a while. We're heading back to New Jersey starting tomorrow and will only be traveling and posting part-time. Thanks to all of you readers who have followed our adventures. It's been a blast for us and I hope you got some fun in being with us vicariously. Not sure when and where we're gonna travel next but we'll keep the blog and resume posting when we get somewhere interesting. Peace and Love from the Astral Nomads. 


  1. Happy trails to you! Thanks for the vicarious fun.

  2. Thank you Debra for your loyal following. Brightest blessings to you!

  3. Thank you Astrals for having the stones to boldly go where no rabbit has gone before, to dream the impossible dream, to breath deep the gathering gloom. And to fight for your right to party!
    *Captain James T. Kirk
    *Man of La Mancha
    *Moody Blues
    *Beastie Boys
    We love you knuckleheads!

  4. @Debra: Thanks for following.

    @Anonymous: Best comment evar! We are going to carry on. Just need a break. We're thinking Europe next. Just to to re-charge our souls and our jack.

  5. Thanks for sharing your travels, photos and thoughts. I'm posting a poem on my blog in your honor!

    Best wishes, Darrelle Anne

  6. Gerry Wendy and Otis,
    Thanks for the beautiful tour of the southern part of the country. We've really enjoyed your observation, pictures, and poetry. The invite still holds for you to visit when you get to NorCal. We are packing our Eurovan to travel,buy only a little, this spring. Thanks for the equip list and advice. I hope you keep this blog posted as to where you travel. We will look for you somewhere down the road. Our best,Sierra.Ken

  7. @LGS: I love poetry so I will have to check that out.

    @Ken: Cheers. We were considering heading up the coast to Seattle but decided we were too crispy to go on. We need to re-charge but plan to continuing traveling part-time. We were trying to make a year but just couldn't do it. Still, we're pretty happy with what we were able to do. Next time, no desert.