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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cruising Through The Heartland

To fully dig this post I recommend blasting some Cheap Trick or Mellencamp. The Astrals have been blowing  through the heartland (Nebraska, Iowa. Illinois. Indiana. Ohio), heading back east. Some people call it boring but we're not so sure. The West has more drama but there's some quiet beauty and regularity here. And a propensity for corn.   Mommy's all right. Daddy's all right, They just seem a little weird. Surrender, but don't give yourself away.


  1. Gorgeous. There's beauty in all landscapes, me thinks. The last photo makes me want to hop from green circle to green circle.

  2. I dig the flat(ish) landscape but I think the heartland is dangerously underpopulated. I mean this in an Apu kind of way.

  3. @Katrina: :-) Thx hon.

    @Thomas: Who needs a quikie-mart? I dooooo.

  4. "God is in the details."