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Monday, April 18, 2011

Enter Coachella as Humans, Leave as Toast.

A good part of Coachella seems to be about survival. It's damn hot in the desert. But, like in anything else, camaraderie makes all things more pleasant. The Astrals went with our son Colin, his SO Jenn and the great group of his local SoCal friends who treated us like one of crowd. That made all the difference for us old coots. Getting there from San Diego was pretty straight-forward but once you arrive, the man makes you wait. We sat in the entrance lot for a few hours amongst and amidst some pretty professional beer swilling. Luckily, it was night and the desert heat was yet to be upon us. We have ton's more pictures but here's a short intro to the scene.

We love Coachella! Alex, Steve, and Cole cheer me on.

Pretty fascinating to watch a tent city arise from the mayhem.

Our son Colin. No worries mate.

Old hippies never die. Without our canopy, it would have been game over.

Me, Colin, Steve, and Jenn. 

Beer for Breakfast? It's Coachella man!

The scenery was incredible.

How many cheese sandwiches can Steve eat? We may never know.

It was quite a hike from the camp to the venue. 

Play me some Rock'n'roll!

More to come...


  1. I shake my fist at The Man in solidarity with you, hippy brother and sister.

  2. You guys are just too cool! Looks like a great time.

  3. Thanks Tree! We both missed Woodstock... this made up for it!