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Friday, April 22, 2011

Things we saw today

Motoring from Cedar City, Utah to Fort Morgan, Colorado looks pretty straight-forward on the map. Silly me. I totally forgot about the Rocky Mountains. This has to be the most scenic and challenging drive in the United States. The high point was Vail Pass at 11,000+ feet. Yes, there's still snow on the mountain. And the route follows the Colorado River through some spectacular canyons. Not much to comment so here's some shots from the Astral Wendy perspective:

This post is a day late because our internet connection sucked last night. We drove from Fort Morgan Colorado to Des Moines Iowa today. Mostly Nebraska and Iowa. With apologies to Cornhuskers and Hawkeyes, but no blog post for you. 


  1. I hope you will turn your blog into a book....the writing and the pictures have been so much fun to follow and I think they would make an awesome book....maybe a project like that would inspire you to do the rest of the country....thanks for letting me follow your adventure.

  2. Oh....and sorry you didn't make it up the coast of would love it....

  3. Still lots of snow in the Rockies, isn't there?

  4. I love that part of the ride. Just spectacular!

  5. @Grandmamala: We've thought about a book. Maybe a Lulu freebie. We'll get back to the west coast for sure. Just need to take a break. It's tough out on the road. Ha!

    @debra: the photos do not lie. luckily, the roads were clear.

    @sandra: yes, it is. like an interstate through the grand canyon. the colors are amazing.

  6. Incredible! Stunning photos, as usual. Your blogging always makes me crave a road trip.

  7. I can only wish that i could visit these place in fact beautiful places one day.

  8. WOW so neat. What a fun trip! Thanks for taking pictures to share.

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  9. This is the world as the eye sees it: this is good.

  10. @randyman8: Thanks man. Astral Wendy is a great photographer!