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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From SD Cali to Cedar City UT

Yesterday I claimed the last post. I lied. Today we drove from San Diego to Cedar City, Utah and wound up with some photos and time for another post. It was hard for us to leave San Diego since we had such a great time with Colin and Jenn. And Ocean Beach is the coolest place to be. We're already trying to figure out the best time for a return trip.

 A small part of the cool that is Ocean Beach.

 While we were at Coachella, Otis was being pampered at the Cabrillo
Pet Hospital Day Care. A totally cool place but he was all cantankerous
because we asked them to trim his nails. We got nothing but stink-eye for
the next 12 hours.

 Ah! San Diego!

 Even downtown is mellow. You can drive right in. Try that in NYC.

 This captures our sadness at leaving SD.

 Not a lot of flatland out West.

 At least we're seein' green.

 A little south of Las Vegas traffic seemed to slow. We thought traffic
jam ahead but, no, just a dog running down the interstate. No doubt 
heading for the Dog Beach, Oh Yeah! Dogbeach!

 Astral  Wendy drove through the craziest piece of interstate I've
ever seen: I15 through Virgin River Canyon. It was like driving through
a mini-grand canyon.

 Still a bit of snow and we're not into the Rockies yet.

Something purple this place blooms.

I ain't sayin' there'll be another post and I ain't sayin' there won't be.

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  1. Hey, if Cher can have a never-ending farewell tour, so can you.