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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rain only makes it nicer still

Yes, here's another totally boring post featuring Southern California. The good news is that the taste of desert dust has finally left my mouth, ably helped by the sweet salty air and a smattering of rain overnight and into this morning. When they say it never rains in Southern California they mean that it hardly ever rains in Southern California. I say bring it on, it only makes the greens greener and the flowers bloomier. The Astrals have been totally on the chill since we got here but tomorrow I think we're actually going to do something. I don't know what that something is yet but we'll figure it out.   

At the moment, looking out of my hotel window at a fern seems about right.

The loafing life does include strolling down the street once in a while.

This must be from the rich side of the family.

I believe this is termed a 'jaunty' angle.

This is the street where our son Colin lives. It's about a block
from the beach and some fine surfing. 

Birds of Paradise abound.

Colin's apartment complex.

You can walk along these cliffs on the ocean when the tide
is right. We just haven't gotten up the motivation yet.

Seaweed with accoutrement. This would make a nice fake mace.

This scrappy little dude would rather walk than fly.

I was thrilled to be in a real kitchen even though Colin's
set of cooking hardware is pretty slim. I was able to 
conjure up some tasty dinner for 4, though.

Here's Colin and his SO Jenn. 

I think they like each other.

Looking at this all day is not so hard.

It was actually nice to see some rain. The last time the Astrals saw
rain was while we were in South Padre Island. I can't even remember 
exactly when that was.


  1. Thank you Debra... they most certainly do!

  2. i have a SO JENN too heart heart! jenn's are always extremely excellent and superb human beings IMHO <3 : )

  3. Colin and Jenn look adorable together. Great capture of the love vibe.

  4. @kathy: Jenns are good!

    @Erik: Ah yes, young love.