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Thursday, March 17, 2011

So Long T or C, Hello Deming!

After four relaxing days soaking in the sun and hot springs of Truth or Consequences, I feel fully-qualified to refer to the town as 'T or C', just like a native. Not that I got the key to the city or anything, but the people there are so friendly that I almost feel like I did. Here's a couple of extra T or C tips. There's an Italian restaurant there named BellaLuca that is truly amazing. We got the tip-off from Mary at the RiverBend Hot Springs and headed there for dinner last night. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the camera, but let me just say that the fried calamari there is not only the best fried calamari I've ever had, it may be the best thing I've ever eaten. Perfectly fried and tossed with diced pepperoncini and roasted red peppers and served on a bed of mixed greens. Astral Wendy and I left not a crumb on the plate. For entrees, we went with simple fare: lasagna and eggplant parmesan. Again, outstanding and the key was the deep, rich homemade tomato sauce. 

The second tip is the Comfort Inn in T or C. Very clean and very well run.

Here's a nice shot of the motel pool. Tranquility indeed. After a few
days of going hot springs, we opted for cool water and some laps.

T or C has two water towers. Who knew? We spotted number two
on the way out of town. Very tricky, T or C, very tricky.

It was just about under a two hour drive from T or C to Deming. We're
staying one night in Deming because I couldn't get a campsite at the
City of Rocks until tomorrow.

The landscape started to have some interesting erosion created features.

It's always a shock to see green in the desert. It's either irrigation
or a St. Patrick's Day miracle.

A point of geological interest.

Speaking of color, blue looks pretty cool in the desert too.

We pulled in Deming NM to grab some lunch. I was in the mood for some
Mexican food, so we decided to try The Campos.

Funny thing was, today's special was Corned Beef
and Cabbage. Go figure.

That's a fine brisket.

Deming is a little bigger than T or C. It has two traffic lights.

We also saw the motor-home of the prophet.

I'll tell you what is near: the end of the rear suspension on this crate.

I have no idea what kind of tree this is but I think Stanley Owsley (RIP) would
have appreciated it.


  1. If we can celebrate Cinco de Mayo while it isn't even Mexico's national holiday, I say it is even more appropriate for a Mexican restaurant to celebrate St. Patrick's day! The expression on Astral Gerry's face is priceless, by the way, as are the pictures of the Judgement Day Camper. Your comment on the second one almost made me ruin my keyboard with my alcoholic beverage.

  2. Even though it looks great, if I were you guys, I would stop eating out for a while.

  3. @Thomas: Sure, mix it up. After you passed the motor-home of the prophet, we actually made a u-turn in order to go back and grab the shot. It was too classic to pass up.

    @Clark: We've been pre-disaster-ed.

  4. If the end is near, why bother going to the laundromat?

  5. @Anonymous: Indeed. Also, why bother carrying everything you own? I'm pretty sure The Rapture will strip you of personal effects.

  6. Corned beef and cabbage in a Mexican restaurant? Those damn Irish are everywhere!

  7. @debra: I blame the potato famine.

  8. Gerry, The irony...corned beef and cabbage in a Mexican restaurant. We ate the same but at home, then went and listened to a Cornish men's choir. Does that count for St. Patrick's Day? Anyway, we got our Eurovan...just in time for a week and half of rain forecast. Love your picts and the sun you are in. When I saw the "other traveler" I was worried that you left your van in the sun too long and it changed. Enjoy Deming. Sierra Ken

  9. Gerry, The rain just turned into snow since my last posting 5 mins ago. Oh well. I appreciate your response to my wifi questions...and was very, very inspired by the van picts. Thanks. Sierra Ken

  10. @ken: snow, eh? Guess we'll being staying south for a while. Any more questions, fire away. I'll do my best to answer.