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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Beach! The Beach!

The Astrals only stayed one day in Arizona. We just had reached the end of our tolerance for the desert. Sure they have some groovy catcii in Arizona but also enough cops to resemble a police state and, yeah, sand and more sand. And dust. We took a beeline from Tucson to San Diego on Interstates 10 and 8. Our Jones for the coast was strong and, besides, our youngest son, Colin, lives in Ocean Beach and we were excited to see him and his SO Jenn. When I heard it might rain, I was ecstatic. Give me humidity or give me death!

All things considered, I give Arizona props for the grooviest succulents.

Wow! A color that is not a shade of brown. Yippee.
For Otis, this is simply lettuce paradise.

Californy is the place you ought to be....

Right over the border is the Imperial Dunes. And a tiny church on a
man-made hill. Why, I do not know.

Yeah, I know we're sick of the desert, but these dunes are pretty cool.

Now you're talking. Almost, but not quite enough, to make me like dates.

Interstate 8 through southern California passes through some wild
landscapes. There's one spot where there's just piles of rocks for miles.

Snow? Just so the Jersey folks feel at home. Ha!

Lakes and green vegetation? You bet.

We checked into the Ocean Beach Hotel for a fairly long stay. It's two
blocks from our son's place and right on the beach.

The rooms are minuscule but cozy and clean. And there's this delicious courtyard.
The beach is right through the arches at the rear.

California, yes!

Here's our son Colin. We were really excited
to see him.

The taste of the desert is almost out of my mouth. I dropped one
of Astral Wendy's sneakers and a huge cloud of dust arose.


The salt air is starting to clear the dust from my nose.

Even this mis-fortunate gull thrilled us with his beach attitude. We nick-named
him Stumpy.

The land of perpetual spring.


  1. Nice pics of OB! You have one good-looking son there! ;)

  2. @Jenn: Yeah, he's a hunk alright.

  3. Poor Stumpy. But he soldiers on, brave seagull!

  4. CALIFORNIA???...My hat blew off at the Colorado River...and I didn't even have time to pick it up before you were gone. You two are desert survivors and highway fliers. You must have driven 600 miles one day. Well...welcome to CA. The map looks like you drove until I-8 ran out and you stopped. Ocean City-Ocean Beach, any correlation? Your picts show a beautiful day in San Diego. Lots to see there, a great zoo, lots of Spanish history. Better yet, water, green, ocean, and family. You will get the dust out of your clothes very quickly. What do you have planned? San Diego makes you closer to us, yet still about 600 miles away. Looking forward to your continuing adventures. Sierra Ken

  5. just catching up on your travels. glad you made it to the coast. greetings to colin and jenn. it's still snowing here in pa. kinda depressing after 5 days in cozumel.

  6. @Ken: Plans? We don't make plans. Ha!

    @Ellen: Can't believe you were South of us!