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Thursday, March 24, 2011

At the Dog Beach, Oh Yeah!

At the Dog Beach is the title of my new hit single. It only has one lyric, the title followed by 'Oh Yeah'.  Those lines repeat endlessly but it's taking Southern California by storm. That pretty much sums up the laid-back groove of Ocean Beach and the Astrals are totally digging the scene here. Beach? Check. Nothing much to do? Check. A beach dedicated to dogs? Check. We're all in. Today we just strolled around loving the salt air and the feeling of perpetual spring that is San Diego. Here's some shots of our morning stroll. The only mystery is why everyone in the entire United States does not move here immediately.

It's easy to blend in here because everybody dresses like me.

Jabba will see you now.

When there are lots of things in bloom, Astral Wendy goes nuts.

Paradise found. I glad we're in town for a while.

This is about a thirty second stroll from our hotel.

Sailing? Too much work.

At the Dog Beach, Oh Yeah*

A surf board with a paw print? I'm thinking Dog Beach.

*At the Dog Beach, Gerry Boyd


  1. I pause long enough from shoveling snow to say: "Hey, looks pretty sweet!"

  2. Not sure where you are, but it looks wonderful and all those gorgeous flowers Wendilea! Wow

  3. Sailing, too much work? Boy, you guys must be really tired after all that time in the desert. :-)

  4. My brother John has lived in San Diego for about 22 years now. He loves it but I don't think he gets to hang out at Dog Beach too much!

  5. Go dogs, go! The heck with a party in a tree. Go for the beach party, dogs!

  6. Make sure you guys go to South Beach bar n grill its right at the end of Newport they have the best fish tacos.

  7. @Thomas: We're into heavy loafing.
    @sandra: I guess that's the catch. Man, work can bring you down.
    @Terri: Do you like my hat?
    @dale: it's on the list. maybe tonight.

  8. Thanks Star! San Diego has the prettiest flowers I've ever seen growing all over the city. I'm in "shutter" heaven!