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Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Official Astral Nomads Beach Day

Since we're staying beach-front at the Ocean Beach Hotel, it was nice to finally see some weather that allowed us to declare an "Official Astral Nomads Beach Day". It was 80F so all we did today was hang on the beach. Sweet. This is not New Jersey and there's no Gulf Stream so the Pacific stays pretty damn cold most of the year. Today the water temperature was 59F so I didn't even put my feet in the water. Still, it was nice to loll in the sand, watch the wet-suit clad surfers, and catch up on some reading.

Our hotel has this beautiful patio area which overlooks the ocean.

The beach is right across the street with the Ocean Beach Fishing
Pier right there. There are surfers out there all the time.

Relaxation time.
Hey white-boy, watcha doin' uptown?

Not a cloud in the sky today!

The waves weren't giant today but they were pretty clean.

The patio is full of plants and very tranquil.

The view of the beach through the patio.

The urban beach scene is full of characters. 

It was pretty crowded today but nothing like the New Jersey shore.


The Pacific Ocean has some crazy seaweed. This ball is gigantic.

None dare call it kelp.

Some guy left his lunch on the beach and these seagulls got right to work...

...with the leader ripping while two stood guard...

...until the bummer moment. Only soda and beer.

View of the hotel and patio from the beach.


  1. Wowza, that is some serious sea foliage! Watch out for those seagulls; they'll do anything for French Fries.

  2. @Katrina C.M.: Sure is. Like something out of a Japanese monster movie.

    @Debra: Yessirree