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Monday, March 28, 2011

Coronado Island

Yeah, the Astrals are still doing tourist. If you're looking for camping posts, check back in a couple of weeks. We're hunkered down in San Diego and plan to be here for awhile. The funny thing is, we've brought the Astral weather curse right along with us because it's been unseasonably cool here. And a bit rainy. In Southern California! Egads. Of course, unseasonably cool here is a relative thing since it's been in the mid-sixties which, all things considered, it pretty damn sweet. Today we ventured over to Coronado Island to see what that was all about. It's a nice little coastal town with a long flat beach and a bit of history. It was nice to loaf around and grab a little lunch. There was an incredible amount of flowering plants in bloom and, yes, I did stop to smell the roses.

It's only about a tweny minute drive from Ocean Beach down the 
Interstate and over the San Diego-Coronado Bridge from which
you get a nice view of the bay and all the moored sailboats.

It was a little overcast, windy, and cool but the sun did pop out
eventually. Last time I checked the water temperature it was 54F.
I have yet to even dip my toe in the ocean here. Maybe if I had a
wet-suit bootie I'd try it.

Ocean Beach is on the other side of this massive headland.

Here's the famous Coronado Hotel, built in 1888. The cheapest room
is $800 a night so you know the Astrals are not staying there. We do
have our limits.

The beach here seemed to have more shells and shorebirds than Ocean Beach.

I found a bearded mollusk. It's not a clam!

We found our dream-house (until we looked at the price tag). Most
of the houses here are well into seven figures. One of the downsides
to living here is the semi-constant roar of naval jets overhead.

We both liked this old bank building.

The sidewalks here are not paved with gold but they are paved in spots
with this cool blue glass.

Southern California is full of regulations that are universally ignored.

It's a cow thing. 

We ate lunch at a Mexican Cafe on Orange Avenue. I guess blue
glass is a Coronado theme of sorts.

This was a Poblano Relleno stuffed with Pork and Green Olives. Pretty damn good.

Astral Wendy went coy with a simple Tuna Sandwich and a Caesar Salad.

Astral Wendy hates potty-mouth and this store is way out-of-line.

Ah yes, just another Astral day in paradise.


  1. Bullshi*t totally cracked me up.
    I have this impression that the California coast drops off so sharply that it's impossible for there to be any islands there. I'd sure never heard of Coronado. I have heard of Catalina, but that's just because of the WWII flying boat. Do the Astrals have any plans of visiting there?

  2. @Thomas: Catalina is off LA I think. This island is real close to downtown SD. I had to stand on the grass median to get the bullshit shot. Ha! I don't think we'll make Catalina Island. Astral Wendy gets seasick. We're actually thinking of heading back to NJ in the May time=frame and traveling part-time after that. The road is wearing us down.

  3. Oh no not back to Jersey! Who knows what kind of weather you Astrals might bring! Would love to have you back in NJ and I know a very nice eclectic and artsy part of the state to rent a not so expensive place!

    I bet it is tough on the road for such an extended time. It's one thing when you're twenty and you could practically sleep on a cement wall and have no back ache , but at this age you sleep for too long on a mattress in the wrong position and you are screwed for the week!

  4. @sandra: true that. actually the eurovan is pretty damn comfortable. the constant travel, while exhilarating does takes its toll on the older set. ha!

  5. Thanks Debra! A couple of them might just decorate the walls when we finally find a home back in NJ!

  6. Gerry...Back in NJ in May? Then you can come back to RCI! Yeah! We miss you but enjoy following your blog. Guess who?