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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Living Desert Zoo

Just some photos from our visit to the Living Desert Zoo and Wildlife Refuge before heading for Roswell.

 The eagle has just landed... he's so intense.

 Poor one winged Turkey Vulture looks like a prisoner, but with good reason as he often falls from his perch for lack of balance. All the animals are injured here and are well taken care of.

 The grounds are planted just like the real desert.

 Finally we got to see a javelina in person.

 This poor javelina is an outcast amongst the javelinas because as the staff tells us, "she is too stinky for the likes of the others."

 Really, this is the only way I want to be this close to a rattlesnake (it's behind glass).

 This silly fish would not stop grinning at me. A little unnerving.

 My favorite exhibit was the prairie dog pen. Too cute!

 Praire dogs are very humorous. Every few minutes one will hop into the air on two legs and yet out a joyful squeal like "hallelujah!"

 It looks kinda funny to see a bison lording over the parked cars down below.

 The name escapes me but I won't forget that face! (I think it's name is the pronghorn)

 Mountain lions do snore loudly, and they seem unconcerned with strangers.

 I think this is a variety of yucca and it towers over all the other plants.
 Brazilian Old Man Cacti found in the greenhouse not in the wild.

 This cacti looks like lips, but who would kiss them? Not I!

 Zebra Cacti... but of course!

 Agave Aloe and Barrel Cacti sit nicely together.

I love the silhouette of this sculpture against the window.

Greetings from the Nomads as we cosy up to a big bat!

Have a great day! Astral Wendy

PS  They have a bear named Maggie who does some wonderful artwork. She was absent when we visited but you can read about her here. Maggie, Bear Artist
If the van wasn't so crowded I would have bought one of her fine paintings on the spot!


  1. Tis. It was located in the zoo greenhouse which featured cacti and succulents from around the world.