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Saturday, March 5, 2011

All's Well That's Roswell

The alien schtick is pretty ubiquitous in Roswell but this little town has a lot more to offer than fantastic stories of little green men. For one thing, there are two really great museums and we also found a really cool used book store staffed by some very friendly people.

How the west was won, I suppose.

One thing I certainly did not know is that Roswell is touted as
the dairy capital of America. Take that, cheeseheads!

There barely a business in Roswell that doesn't somehow invoke
the aliens. This was on the roof of a car dealership, The streaks
in the photo? Extraterrestrial interference, of course.

How about a sno-cone served by an alien. Only
lime flavor available.

Wall mural at Peppers, a local grill and bar.

Chicken Enchiladas with Hot Green Sauce. Man, it WAS hot.

Books Again is an annex run by the Roswell
Public Library. They had a pretty good selection,
great prices, and was staffed by two of the pleasantest
ladies ever. We actually spent more time chatting with the
staff than browsing and still walked out with two bags
of books.

One of the staff members suggested we visit the
what a find! We never would have found this place
on our own. It was a big, airy exhibition space with
many pieces. And way more winners than losers.

Life is good in the West. 'Desert Oasis' By Brian Meyers

A piece by Willard Midgett


'Xanadu' by William Goodman

A huge fiberglass sculpture by Luis Jimenez

Look away Otis, this will haunt you forever. 'Grasshopper Girl'
by Koi Neng Liew

Dig the Charles Bukowsi, man.

From a piece by Jason Knapp

Then we went to the Roswell Museum and Art Center, which displays a mix of art, historical artifacts, and an installation of Goddard's workshop. Yeah, the rocket guy. I hadn't realized that he moved his whole operation out to Roswell and spent the rest of his life here, building and launching rockets.

Alien parking only.

Tel-a-vision by Jerry Williams

This museum had a wonderful collection of native and historical artifacts.

I don't usually associate New Mexico and beavers,
but what the heck?

Here's Goddard's workshop. 

This huge mural was named 'Pow-wow.

Hello Mr. Goddard!

Hey, we finally spotted some UFOs!

The pod will see you now.

Tomorrow, we return to camping at Elephant Butte State Park over towards Truth or Consequences, so we probably won't be posting for a bit. Cheers.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed this.

  2. @ Colin -Eso es bueno mi hijo! ¿Cómo está

    @ Christine- You're welcome! We really enjoy museums and hope to share the excitement we feel while looking through them.

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Check out my blog when you have a moment. Jessie was born last week!

  4. Congratulations Tree! I will... that's wonderful!

  5. Wow, Roswell looks like a rockin' place!

  6. @Debra: Yeah, there's a lot more than just aliens here.

  7. Thanks for the kind words about the bookstore. We have two great museums in Roswell. I'm glad to visited both. Hope you are feeling better and are on the road. Melinda aka Anonymous

  8. @Melinda: No problem. We like to give free nods to places we like. It may not help but it sure won't hurt. Thank you for tips and the gracious hospitality. We're on the mend and camping up Elephant Butte. More posts to follow when we get back to some wifi. Cheers.

  9. i love reading the blog during lunch (and sometimes not during lunch, shh) at work! thanks for the entertainment:)

  10. @Jennifer: thanks. We aim to please AND entertain.