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Friday, December 17, 2010

Leaving Central FL

We're leaving Oviedo today and I had to share that this town is know for the roosters that roam freely outside the local Popeyes restaurant (which I find very funny since the place is know for its fried chicken), Perhaps they are protesters!

I got to bond with my sister's pets Tasia and Birdie (who loves to dance with me).
We ate like kings the whole week, with Mike being a chef and  Gerry sharing his cooking prowess in the kitchen. Here's a pork roast that Mike made.

We crossed the bridge to Orlando yesterday to visit my brother Eric and his family... treated to a fine dinner of crawfish etoufee!

Here's me and Billie (Eric's daughter) with our Pippi Longstocking braids!
At right is Billie and cousin Brynnie
taking a break from their wii games. They are amazing wii champions!

A big Thank You to my family for keeping us warm and cozy during the Florida freeze! 


The crown has been mounted. Long live the bling! Big thanks to Dr. Brinkley (a great dentist if you need one near Oviedo.) Shipping out today to head down to a state park on the southern Gulf Coast of Florida (near Marco Island). We'll be offline for about 4 days and then back with a full report. A big thanks to Bonnie and Michael for warm hospitality during this epic cold snap and to Eric and Carol for a cozy visit with excellent food (Carol's world famous Baked Brie and Eric's super Cajun crawdads. The man can make a roux!) 

Nomads Ho!


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