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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Beauty of Wekiwa

The view of our "backyard"
Arrived just before sunset, in time to make camp.

The path where people walk their dogs.

Thankfully, Gerry makes a great fire.

Lotsa pines and weedy grasses.
Turkeys roam free, but are very shy.

The hot springs are 72 degrees, warmer than the air now.

Herons are just wonderful to watch.

Another view of the Wekiwa Springs.

The pines glisten in the sunlight, early morn.

Nightfall, when all is silent except for crackling fires.

The road to exploration...drylands.

Deep in the wetlands the palms are huge.

Spanish moss still clings to dead trees...remains of a previous fire.

Tree serpent...imaginations run wild here.

The long spooky shortcut to the restrooms.

It a Southeastern Lubber...
the only scary creature we saw.

The wetlands, probably where old Tarzan movies were filmed.

A little marsh in the wetlands.

Our pretty little garden in the side yard.

Just a little shower...
and then the blue sky prevailed.

Hints of autumn at the bottom of a sinkhole.

I half expected to see a lion or a zebra here.

In the middle of nowhere someone was thinking about the birds.

Sun down on Wekiwa... before the chill sets in. It was a spectacular place and I'm so glad I could share it with my funny and ever cheerful husband... love you dear!

-Wendy (text and photos)

-Gerry: More Wekiwa posts to follow, covering hiking, biking, and camping.


  1. Oh Wendy, it looks like it is just divine!!! And yes I could see some zebras or a lion meandering through those reeds. Beautiful!

  2. We met at Carol and Eric's house after Thanksgiving. I mentioned a website that I follow that you might also enjoy/appreciate: They're on a sailboat now, but previously drove their VW microbus across three continents. On the right side of the home page there's a picture of the that and it tells the tale of their extended roadtrip. It was nice meeting ya'll. Have a great and safe adventure.

    John Hewitt

    ps...the birdhouse is a wood duck box. Typically they're built and installed by volunteers from Ducks Unlimited.

  3. Thanks Sandy...every thing I see is just so beautiful. It is a place where you could just stare at the landscape for hours, but camping is actually very time consuming and the day flies by rather quickly doing routine chores that require some thinking and planning as resources that one normally takes for granted are limited and the daylight hours are shortened. We are having a blast learning as we go! XOXO

  4. Wendy, Gerry and Otis,
    I have enjoyed reading about your REAL camping experiences.
    I loved the idea of the camp fire, to find some heat!
    Here in England right now, we are having a range of daytime temperatures ranging from -5c to +2c. At night we have had -12c to -18c.
    A real wintery feel, which makes writing Christmas cards, all the more enjoyable!!

    Loved all the photographs and seeing how life is in the van.
    Take care with the pesky squirrels and the cuddley brown bears!
    Best wishes,

  5. @Eileen: Yes, I have been reading about the Great Britain chill on the BBC news. Stsy warm my dear. It's a little cold here for Florida but we're doing fine. Cheers.