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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boca Baby!

Leaving panther country for civilization, we decided to chill for a few days in Boca Raton before heading down to the Everglades for three days of camping.  Boca Raton mean's 'Mouse's Mouth' in Spanish. The most common wild thing in Boca Ration is the BMW 650i. And, I was able to get a nice brisket sandwich.

Despite the glitz, there's a sweet beach here at Red Reef Park. You know if there's a beach nearby, that's where you're gonna find the Astrals. It cost 16 bucks to park and the guy at the kiosk was from Edison NJ. We joked that it was impossible, it seems, to get away from Route 1. (If you're not familiar, US1, which has a section through Boca Raton, is an old pre-Interstate highway that runs from the great state of Maine all the way down the east coast of the US to Key West. A particularly ugly stretch runs through Edison NJ.)  Anyway, this park had a raised boardwalk and the remnants of an artificial reef and the water was turquoise so the 16 bucks seemed like a bargain.

These spiders were all over the place.

Well, off the the laundromat and to get some camping victuals and then it's off to the Everglades. The Astral Nomads will be off-line until after the Holiday so here's wishing everyone all the warmth of the season.

Nomads Ho!


  1. can you chill with the spiders? Some of us get the willys

  2. Whoa, looks pretty nice. You and Wendy have a great holiday!!


  3. Cool spiders - I believe they're Golden Silk orb-weaver spiders (Nephila clavipes). The female is said to eat her web daily and weave another one in the same place. and they're "not" poisonous (lucky you).

  4. @erica: we merely record what we see. ha!

    @sandra: is pretty nice!

    @FJD: right on the money. we checked the guide after the fact.