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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bathroom shy? Not no more!

I've always been one of those cautious persons that dreaded having to use a public restroom. For one, you never know what horrors you might find there as you carefully open the stall door to peek at the commode to make sure someone hasn't left something behind that they shouldn't have. Then there is the privacy issue of having your bladder fail if other people are around to hear its music. But the worst is having to go into a coed one stall room, where others might be waiting in line as you try to coax yourself to relax by counting or imagining waterfalls... in case a line forms at the door and you are seriously holding someone up.
Knowing our Eurovan was not going to be equipped with a bathroom (the idea of traveling with one on board did not appeal to me), and so I have had to learn to get over my bathroom fears. I started by purposely visiting bathrooms in public places back at home... (supermarkets are usually the cleanest) and I even ventured into the port-o-johns at the local park (summertime, pew!) to get used to idea of possible bathroom horrors.
I am happy to report that we have stopped at various gas stations, rest areas and have been using the facilities at the state parks and there have been no horrors at all. As a matter of fact the Wekiwa Park and the JD Park facilities have been cleaner than most people's bathrooms, as they are scrubbed with bleach each day and the tiles are all sparkling clean...not even a hint of mildew.

 There was only one gas station on the way down to FL where I knew I wasn't going to sit on the seat. The first hint was a coin-operated dispenser of sexual novelties on the was a ladies room and very baffling to me. It was dirty in more ways than one and yet there was a big sign that instructed one to push a button if the bathroom wasn't clean and the attendant would come and clean it for you. Sounded kinda fishy...I got out as fast as I could.
I know I have conquered my fears when at one gas station I emerged to a line of people standing outside the door. When I worriedly saw them, one man said, "Oh don't worry...we aren't in line for the restroom." I said, "Thank God...I didn't think I took that long!" We all laughed and I realized that at least one bathroom fear has passed.

btw- To the question, does a know, in the woods? the answer is yes and here's the proof:


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit that bathroom looks cleaner than mine.

    Congrats on overcoming your fear.

  2. Thanks Tree... who would have thought that campsite bathroom areas are so least at the State Parks they are. I"ll hold further judgement until I see what the National Parks are like!