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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

JD Park Sightings

 Chilly weather coming as evidenced by the reflection of cloud ice crystals on the car window.

 The first night it rained...thankfully it wasn't snow!

 We ate at the Paradise cafe... how could we not?

 What a salad, I could never finnish that!

 But I did! Mmmnn

 A layered sunset

 We will be needing that warm, wooly blanket.

 Such a pretty view.

 Otis huddled in his tented shelter...
 the grackles just bug him so.

 Hoping to see a gator, but not too close.
 What a spectacular view, mmm mmm!

 There was kayaking... but not for us.

 Gator, boar, and manatee patrol...none seen.

 Part of the hiking trail...
 and a fellow hiker...albeit a bit slow.

 The terrain has an eerie quality.
 God, the food is so good at Camp Boyd.

 A misty morning...happy to have a van.

 Mr. Techi keeps in touch.
 Peek a boo...sorry, I just love the metaphid jumping spider.

 Plotting the route... extreme mountain biking off the table for me, though I know Gerry could do it!

 Turtles sunning...unconcerned that gators live there too.

 The weather was warm for two of the four days... yay!
 Now canoeing would be worth a try...if we had one.

 Sunrise along Route 1.

 Gotta love the prickly pear... I wonder if they're edible?

 Lilypads floating in the sun.

 An old military post...
 and it's ceramic graveyard.
 The tiniest sunflower.

 At first I thought it was a groundhog... just some palm bark.

 A splendid old tree that won't give up.

What?! A mushroom in the dry sand...unheard of.


  1. awesome pics! Wen can you email a higher resolution raindrop picture?...I want to make it the background on my computer. Thanks! if possible.

  2. Thanks's on it's way! XOXO

  3. wow, did you really sell everything in Middlesex and head out to places unknown? That is so awesome! I admire your spirited ambition Gerry!

  4. @janiekearney: yes, we're 'on the road' indefinitely.