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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A big welcome home to sister Bonnie and hubby Michael who have been visiting their first grandchild Julia in NJ. We were staying at their home in Oveido to look after Wiggy (my mom). Bon and I had a lot of catching up to do as one Granny to another and Gerry made us all a nice dinner last night...lamb and farro...mmm... should have got a picture.

Otis has really enjoyed hanging out in Bon's lanai and has sprinted a few ounces off his chubby frame.

Otis even enjoyed his little cousin Tasia, and both pets sat nicely on their mommy's laps side by side without a hint of unpleasant aggressiveness (but I would not trust Otis's behavior unattended).

Today we will be going off the grid... take it away Gerry!

Wendy took these shots of Wekiwa Springs State Park last Sunday when we went there for the day to do some light hiking. We liked it so much we are going back today to camp for seven nights. Finally! As the spin of the meteorological gods would have it, a cold front (relative, of course, this is Florida) swept through the area this morning. Daytime highs for the next few days will be in the high 60s (F) with overnight lows in the 40s (F). Luckily, the Eurovan has a propane furnace in case we need to take the chill off in the morning. We have sleeping bags rated to 10 (F) that zip together so I am not worried. The park has some nice hiking and biking trails so we are looking forward to checking out for a bit and digging us some natural vibes. The campground has AC power and cell-phone service so we'll be only pretending to be totally off of the grid. It will be good to get some practice in using the Eurovan in it's full camping capacity.

We have to stay in the area until my follow-up dentist appointment on 12/16 to have a gold crown (more bling!) permanently installed on one of my rear molars. I got a temporary one put on yesterday by Dr. David Brinkley DDS in Oviedo. I highly recommend his office. Real friendly staff, totally computerized operation, and very gentle dentist. (The 90 minutes of tooth grinding not withstanding!) I will soon be ready to masticate again.

This will probably be our last post for a week since we won't have WIFI at the campground. Please, carry on with your lives. Ha! We'll probably do a multi-part post once we're back on the grid.


  1. It looks like a gorgeous place. Just enjoy until you get that "bling"!
    Pretty hot grandma's!!!!

  2. @sandra: yes it is beautful. Just a little chillier than the nomads would prefer. We'd be further south except gotta wait for the bling.