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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suited for a Beach Day

This morning looked promising after last night's shower. It is calm and quiet on our veranda at the Safari... no one else comes out here and it feels like we are back on our front porch rockers as the day begins.

We patiently waited for the last of the gray clouds to pass by the rising sun and soon...

voila... cerulean blue skies with marshmallow clouds appeared like magic!

Even this spunky dog knew it would be a great beach day
and many of the boardwalk merchants were open for business.
The empty beach beckoned and so we donned our bathing suits,
strolled the boardwalk in the hot 75 degree sun and both won big at the arcade... Gerry won several free games of pinball and I won  two cupfuls of tokens worth $285 at the slot machine. My chosen prizes were a rose quartz necklace and a woven and beaded hippie bracelet with a miniature surfboard on it... way cool. Then we spent the afternoon on the beach reading. I couldn't believe we were the only two people in bathing suits... everyone else on the boardwalk was wearing fall clothes and looked hot! There was no one on the beach so I took our picture myself (can you see my camera in our sunglasses if you click on the photo?)

It was a most excellent day and we will be staying here through the weekend!


  1. Awesome, guys! I'm envious. With so little competition, is skinny-dipping viable?

    p.s. if anyone complains, F 'm if they can't take a joke, right?

  2. @Mr. Fischman: Viable, yes. Advisable, not unless I could be persuaded to deal with the 'shrinkage'. The water is pretty damn cold. Love the p.s. I call that 'The Fuck 'Em Principle'. It's something of a personal philosophy. Ha!

  3. this may be a little innappropriate but in the words of George Carlin... 'Anexoria? Rich c*** don't wanna eat? Fuck her!'

  4. @Colin: Ha! Something like that!