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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

We picked up the Eurovan this morning. It seems to be in absolutely stellar condition both inside and out (Thanks GoWesty!) Since I had to meet the transport driver in the parking lot behind a nearby Best Buy, the whole thing seemed strangely clandestine. The Eurovan was off the truck already but I had to switch out the California tags for some good old Garden State (NJ) ones. I felt like a hood from some 1950's juvenile delinquent flick kneeling there switching out the plates. I was waiting for Officer Krupke to stroll by and put the kabosh on the whole caper. If I had hair I would have slicked it back greasy and black and my fleece would be replaced by leather. No dice on that and we got away clean. The Eurovan sailed through NJ inspection as expected and we're good to go as far as that's concerned. I also installed the hitch mounted Yakima swing-away bike rack before calling it a day.

The next big trick is 'the packing' which is scheduled for a trial run on Wednesday. Tomorrow we still have a few more loose ends to tie up with our lawyer (Yikes! A will in case we meet a bear who does not fancy our kind) and to finalize some plans with our daughter Tara who is serving as our postmaster while we're out of NJ. So our tentative shove-off looks like Thursday morning. Hey, what's the rush?

We'll do a post on packing, the Expedition Manifest (and what did and did not fit) and have some more photos of the Eurovan soon.


  1. I am so jazzed waiting to hear of your adventures!

  2. @M-Mama: Stayed tuned. Packing should be interesting. I suspect the Expedition Manifest is still a bit too chubby. We're gonna have to slim down to what's really necessary. There's gonna be some trade-offs 'til we 'get down to what's really really real.'

  3. Gerry is the tent gonna fit? just kidding! Good Luck

  4. Yeah, tent is in. We're about half packed. There are a surprising number of nooks and crannies. So Looking to shove off on Friday am.