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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Last Bit of Extravagance

After receiving the check from the sale of our home... our one big worthy investment... we decided to head South for some much needed rest and relaxation. At first a cruise sounded like a good idea, but then the realization hit that there would be too much packing and travel for the short amount of enjoyment time, and besides I get boat sick and that is  gamble I didn't want to take since I haven't been feeling that well lately. So after a few frustrating attempts on Travelocity (boo!) we finally booked our flight and hotel through Expedia for a Miami Beach getaway on Friday. Thursday night we had a nice get together with the kids and woke up very early Friday morning in preparation for our trip. In the cold October dawn Venus and Mars were eyeing each other in the darkened sky, but Orion took center stage in all of its astral glory. It was a good omen.

 The flight was uneventful except for the fact that I must have been harboring a sinus infection because as the plane went into it's decent I got a searing pain in my ear and felt like screaming, being sure the eardrum was going to burst. Luckily I keep a magic stone in my denim jacket and quickly applied it to the back of my ear with some gentle pressure. The pain became bearable and then there was only the dread of the connecting flight to deal with. Repeat performance. It was all forgotten hours later as I sat on the balconey of the Fontainbleau Hotel watching feathery dolphin like waves race to the beach in the turquoise water, clouds floating overhead and palm trees quivering under the warm setting sun. Later we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant that was fancier than anything we experienced in quite some time, and Gerry and I giggled and joked in our romantic corner booth like two courting teens.

Today it was all about the beach, which unlike the Jersey Shore where you flop down on an old blanket and bake in the sun, there were real cabana boys who set covers on recliners that already have umbrellas shading them, and give you towels, and ask for your beverage orders. We came prepared with a quart of water and our books, feeling very spoiled just sitting there reading for hours. Of course we went swimming, and as usual we were the only two far out in the water (which was over our heads) and paddled around without a worry in the world. Sharks? Who cares. This is paradise and nothing is going to spoil our fun!  


Flying north Wednesday.  Eurovan arrives Friday.  True Astral Nomad adventure begins shortly thereafter. Yabba-Dabba-Doo!


Is it time for carrots yet? I really like carrots.

-Otis Redding Rabbit


  1. You went to the China Grill.... Perfect description, definitely fancy but good. Sounds like you are having great fun. Stay well

  2. Thanks Dawn... it was actually called Hakasan wihin the hotel. We are having a blast in our own silly quiet way! Blessings!