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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Somewhere Over The Boardwalk

In Ocean City, the great candy rivalry is between Candy Kitchen and Wockenfuss. Candy Kitchen has way more stores but the name Wockenfuss has the ring of old world Germanic authenticity. Tonight we've scheduled a top-secret private taste-off. We bought a 1/4lb of Almond Butter Crunch from each store and we will either declare a winner or sicken ourselves. Either way it has to be done. I bought the Wockenfuss entry first but was careful to hide the bag in the pouch of my authentic acrylic Mexican Baja while I was buying the entry from Candy Kitchen. Ha! Actually, the huge woman behind the counter was completely flat-affect and I don't suspect she gives a rat's ass one way or the other. We were amused, nonetheless, by the neon burnout of the Candy Kitchen letters so that they read Can Kitch. Indeed.

We finally got inside the crazy boardwalk art gallery today and I use the word 'art' advisedly here. The inside is about as ridiculous as the outside but I give the proprietor props for shameless self-promotion. There is an incredible amount of stuff crammed inside, mostly posters and shore themed paintings and lots of news clippings about the greatness the gallery and its owner.

There is only one pine tree on the entire Ocean City boardwalk and it's proudly perched right outside the All You Can Eat for $12.99 Paul Revere Smorgasbord restaurant which was, thankfully considering the reviews on Trip Advisor, closed for the season. It would not be our kind of place anyway, since neither of us can eat a lot and I have a strong personal policy against taking food from any source that requires, by law, a sneeze guard. That plus a faux American Colonial decor including the faux jokey stocks is rather nauseating to me on both aesthetic and gastronomic grounds.

We did find a little amusement hall with a really nice antique Merry-Go-Round that featured a few unusual creatures such as this turquoise Chimera and some of the usual suspects like running chickens, ostriches. lions, tigers, and pigs. The Merry-Go-Round is a true piece of history since its twin was delivered to Coney Island but later destroyed in a fire. (Note: I have purposely not commented on Wendy's shameless hussy flirtation with Blackbeard. I will be discussing the matter with her later and there's a good chance she may be banned from the candy taste-off)

The boardwalk was actually pretty crowded even though it was only about 60F. I was one of the few knuckleheads wearing shorts.

-Gerry (text) and Wendy (photos)


  1. Beautiful picture of the boardwalk, thank you for sharing some of your vacation. I am following you and invite your to visit my blog too

  2. Anxious to hear who won the taste off butter crunch being a personal favorite and all.

  3. @Sibel: Thx. It's more of road trip without a time limit or planned destination than a vacation but we're glad you're along for the ride.

    @Barbara: The taste-off was a tie. Wendy preferred the Wockenfuss (slightly less sweet) while I preferred the Candy Kitchen (slightly more sweet). We briefly considered letting Otis, who has a legendary sweet tooth, cast the deciding vote but eventually concluded that chocolate is probably not good for rabbits. Ha!

  4. OMG! What awful art but an interesting place!
    Almond Butter Crunch my fave! We unfortunately have some really good Crunch in Frenchtown.

    Thank God the store is closed at least one day a week.

  5. Hey Sandy... I was thinking of you today and just then a beautiful greyhound with the same coloring of your gorgeous painting walked by dressed in a tee shirt that said" retired" on it. What a coincidence! We have been treated to a whole dog parade here, as there are no children, but the local seniors do dress up their dogs for Halloween.