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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enough with the Bon Voyage already!

We are all packed and ready to go... for real. Last Thursday Gerry's parents took us out for a nice dinner at the Bonefish Grill as a farewell gesture. Erica and Davey (our daughter and her husband), with whom we have been staying with since our house sold, came along and celebrated our imminent departure. Then on Friday night, we met the kids (Erica and Davey, Dale, Tara, Chris, and Annabel) at the Domo 7 restaurant for a bon voyage sushi dinner. Annabel stayed on my hip for most of the night and was perfectly well-behaved. Luckily, I had been on antibiotics for a nasty bout of bronchitis, so I knew I wasn't contagious. Saturday, after a night of violent coughing I started having some back pain and by Sunday my upper left back was in total spasm. On Monday, the Eurovan came and although I was on numerous medications for a pulled back muscle, I didn't let that dampen my spirits... although I was (and still am) a little loopy.

Tuesday night, Gerry's parents cooked us dinner at their home for a final farewell, and we went to Tara's on Wednesday with take-out Chinese so I could have one last night with Annabel. She showed me all of her new playtime skills and fell asleep in my arms. We said farewell, but good-byes being too sad are not uttered...everyone knows how easily I get emotional.

Today we had wills notarized and Gerry's parents said farewell once again. Tonight we saw Dale and showed him the Eurovan and he said happy travels (again) and gave me two big hugs. We got pizza and enjoyed relaxing with Davey and Erica who have been so lovely to have welcomed us into their home with Otis as we took our time planning and packing and getting ready to depart. My back is feeling a bit better so we are definitely leaving tomorrow. It is funny to look up at the almost full moon and not know where you might land up the following night. It is the first step in the plan to have no plan... although as you can see from the Manifesto there has been lots of planning taking place. Imagine that...planning so you can have no plan! Ha!


Wendy with our granddaughter Annabel
Our son Dale
Gerry with Erica
Our daughter Tara with husband Chris and Annable
Erica with Davey


  1. "It is funny to look up at the almost full moon and not know where you might land up the following night." that has to be one of the most incredible quotes ever wendy. enjoy your freedom and adventure.

  2. But that moon will be everywhere and Middlesex NJ will always be where it is if you want it again!
    You and Gerry are going to have a blast!! Just wish you were feeling better and I really wish we got to see you!!!!

  3. Thank you Barb...that is so kind of you to say so! Hope to share a good adventure with all! Blessings!

    Sandy, I joke with Gerry that when we return with our "chuckwagon" the kids will be fighting over who has to take ma and pa kettle in. I think it has been established though, that the kids love us, and we would always be welcome to come home. We are very fortunate to have such loving friends and family! Love to you and Michael and the kids! XOXO Wen

  4. it makes me smile thinking about have much fun you guys are going to have!