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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goodbye Old House

I'm sitting in a camp chair in an empty house that echoes with the distant sound of the morning train. It's been six weeks of hard labor removing the items that have made this a fine home. I'm exhausted both mentally and physically and yet the anticipation for the adventure ahead of us beats excitedly in my chest. This was a safe place filled with many wonderful memories and I dare not reminisce or the tears will start. Goodbyes are hard.

I thought there would be a lightness when all of our belongings were sold or given away, and yet I did not anticipate the energy pull that occurs as fragments of their memory and the sentiment attached lays a blanket of emotion that causes a form of psychic paralysis. I barely have energy to play mindless mahjong on the the computer as a distraction.

Otis has been out of sorts, having temper tantrums by throwing his toys and food bowl around the puppy pen where he has been caged. He no longer has free run of the house since it has been cleaned and prepared for the next owners who will walk through hours from now.

This was a fine home and it served us well, and so I say goodbye...
'parting is such sweet sorrow.'



  1. Oh Jesus!! That's a killer!!

    Gerry & Wendy..I wish you well...

    If you see a lonely (Irish) hitchhiker on a dusty road, just keep going....

    God I admire you...


  2. I cried so hard when we left our home in Florida to move here. It didnt really hit me.. until.. I walked through the empty rooms one last time. My husband told me that the "happy memories we had made there were living deep within the soul of the house and that means the next owners would also feel the joy and add to it." That made it a little easier.
    Good luck in your new adventures.

  3. While reading this brought tears to my eyes because of so much of the emotion you both must be feeling, your story is also amazingly inspiring. You head out, following a dream across the land. I'm so happy for you both - and can't wait to follow the blog! Love you guys. Enjoy! See you in Wyoming next summer hopefully...

  4. Wow! You really did it! I cannot imagine the joy and excitement you both must be feeling. Enjoy every second of it. I'm sure it will be a journey for the ages. I cannot wait to read about all your adventures!

    We'll be living vicariously through you!

  5. @Chris: Carrying you with us in our hearts.

    @Zach: Thanks babe. Is there still an NFL team in Philadelphia? I've been a little out of touch. ;-)

  6. @Sean: Even I cried when I read it. What a writer she is@

  7. @Midwestern Mama: We did our final emptying today. Can't say the last walk-through was with dry eyes. We were there 16 years. The great thing about memories is that you get to take them with you. Hell, look what Proust did with his.

  8. @Holly - Thank you for your heartfelt words. We wished the new owners all the joy that we experienced as well. Looking forward to seeing the Midwest, as I have never been there before!

  9. Wendy and Gerry,
    A most emotional journey.
    I remember feeling in much the same way, when locking up the door of our former home in Belfast, to move across to England. I felt guilty, as though leaving a friend in the lurch.
    All good wishes for days that bring happiness and memories in your new home.
    Eileen O'Neill

  10. Thank you Eileen... it has been an emotional day, but the new owners were really nice at the closing and we warmly wished them well. We left the house as we would have wanted it left for us and they were appreciative. Bright blessings!

  11. hey guys found a great song that could be your theme for the trip. Go to youtube and search for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's-Home...Think you guys will dig it. Safe Travels!

  12. @dale: Yes. I know that song. Love it.

  13. guys back on the road again?