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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Road to Galveston is Mostly Paved

Mostly paved except for the last few miles. Then you have to take a ferry from the tip of the Bolivar Peninsula to Galveston Island. First boat ride for Otis and the Eurovan.  

Today we traveled in the rain all day. Almost a rarity, we just have
not seen a lot of rain.

Western Louisiana is just as wet as Eastern Louisiana,
or so it seemed to me. On the interstate west of Lafayette,
it seemed we were on the Eternal Causeway.

There's hot sauce and seasoning and then there's this. We bought
some turnip greens and dirty rice last night from the supermarket
and da' was both pretty damn hot. Yay!

The fastest way to Galveston if you're coming from the east is
to drive down the Bolivar Peninsula and take the ferry. This road
(Texas 87) was damn straight for a very long time.

Living on the peninsula requires houses on very high stilts. The land
is so low that hurricane waves must run right over it. Even the elementary
school was up on stilts.

Birds, both sea and land, seemed to love the ferry. 
The ferry is free, the ride lasts about eighteen minutes
and operates 24/365.

Here's another ferry passing ours. They just cycle
back and forth. Must get boring for the captains. You 
can get out and walk on the upper deck but we just
stayed in the van because it was raining.

The van was moving but I had no control. "The seas were angry
that day, my friend."  Actually, there were 1-2 foot waves.

Let me take you on a sea cruise!

Thirty dirty birds
Sitting on a curb
Chirping and Burping
And eating
Dirty earthworms

Along comes Herbie
From thirty-third
And third
Saw the thirty
Dirty birds
Sitting on a curb
Chirping and Burping
And eating
Dirty earthworms
Boy he was

Here's the giant pinball bumpers where ferry docks.
Have to say, the landing was very smooth.

This is the view from our motel. Right on Seawall Blvd.
More on Galveston to follow.

*Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thirty Dirty Birds


  1. @sandra: yes.

    @Debra: The road was so roughly paved that I think he dug the gentle rocking.

  2. You made this Midwestern girl feel very landlocked. I'm itching for a nice long road trip. Is that a VW you're driving?

  3. @Tess: Yes, it's a eurovan full camper. We plan to be on the road for at least a year. How's that for long? We alternate between camping and motels.