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Friday, January 14, 2011

Seeking Our Destin.

Short post tonight. Drove over to Destin, Florida from Tallahassee. You can start to notice the subtle changes in landscapes. A bit of rolling hills. Denser growths of pine trees. The hints of bayou-like marshland. We're pretty close to the Alabama border here, so Florida 'adieu' is in about three days time. If anybody needs anything from Publix, now's the time to ask.

Apparently there was some beauty in Tallahassee,
it just took Wendy's eye to find it. This is from the 
sole window of the motel bunker.

You can always count on good 'ol Otis for a laugh. 
Right after this was taken, he wrenched that pita chip out of my hand
and ran off to his special place for some munching.

"...a garden that gives, sprouts come up glowing
fruits of jade and golden silver trees to mark the legacy
of a life that finally learned what this means

the invisible choir sings you a voiceless lesson
so you'll always remember what grew out of decisions that death can't steal
lives that learned to give when it seemed there was nothing
oh, how much more it meant to those around we go
there's a rhythm soft and slow
you'll always hear the choir if you listen close "*

The first thing you notice about Destin's beaches is the white sand
and how it's set off by the blue and aqua tones of the water.
The Astrals can't wait to explore these beaches in greater detail. I've
never seen sand this white. More to follow...

*Rocky Votolato, Silver Trees


  1. People often don't realize just how bossy rabbits can be. Especially Astral Rabbits.

  2. That is a nice Tallahassee photo.
    The beaches look so gorgeous!

  3. Thanks Tree...the sunset turned that dilapidated gazebo into a dazzling little hut. Can't wait to go to those Destin beaches tomorrow when it warms up a bit! The variegated blues of the water were very exciting to see!

  4. I thought that first picture of the white sand dune was snow.

  5. @Colin: Yeah, the sand there is incredible.