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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Biloxi Blues

We're actually staying in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, so to get to Biloxi, we need to take the Causeway To Heaven along Route 90. You get on this bridge and you feel like your next stop will be the Pearly Gates. We are happy to report that we could find no blues in Biloxi. It was a little misty as we approached but the mist lifted long enough for the Astrals to get in an hour or so of quality beach time. We shall not ask for anything more.

The Causeway to Heaven.

The pilings of the old causeway, which I shall refer
to, for the purposes of differentiation, 
as the way of the demon.

As we approached Biloxi, Wendy asked "What's that?". I
near ran off the road. That's either a UFO or St. Augustine's
City of God in the distance. What a cool illusion.

The gulf here is pretty shallow for quite a way out. Even though this
shot was taken from the beach, when we walked way out on the pier
by the Biloxi Lighthouse, the water still only seemed about thigh-deep.

I made it to the end of the pier in record time. I
have no idea why.

Here's Astral Wendy looking fine at the end of the pier. Maybe
that explains my hurry.

Even though I took this shot, it was at the direction of Wendy.
Shades of de Chirico.

Here's the mighty Eurovan contemplating a frontal assault on the lighthouse.

Everyone is Mississippi is so friendly that even the pilings say 'HI".

Nice wide quiet beach here. The mist stayed at bay long enough
for us to take a lengthy stroll in moderate sunlight. Astral heaven.

Man on sand spit.

They have casino gambling in Biloxi and,
for our demographic group, it's got to be
the Hard Rock. We dropped a couple of 
bills on the slots and did not leave richer
except in spirit.
Peace out from Astral Wendy.

There's a marina for fishing boats right next to the casino. I have
to say that we've seen no overt evidence of that big BP oil spill on
any of the gulf beaches. Not saying there's isn't any lingering effects
or that I believe anything BP says. We just haven't seen any tarballs
or anything like that. Of course, I could be 90% dispersant at the moment.

Back over the causeway is the quaint little town of Ocean Springs.
They have this old school drugstore with a real soda fountain and
lots of little arty shops. The town's super cozy and quiet so we 
strolled around for a spell. We turned down into the town because 
there was a sign for the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. Walter
was a native of Ocean Springs and a real interesting person. He
developed adult onset schizophrenia and spent a lot of time alone
on a deserted barrier island about 12 miles offshore. He would row out
there and just hang out and paint and draw for weeks at a time.
He also rode his bicycle as far as New York by himself. He did
thousands of water colors in a style that is both vibrant and primitive.
Some of his work is vaguely reminiscent of MC Escher although a lot
more fluid and a lot less stylized. A lot of his work seemed to
shiver with movement. Really glad we stopped there. As the exhibit
said "He's the best American artist you've never heard of".

Here's the museum. It's not gigantic but it did have a nice representation
of his work and it's attached to the Ocean Springs Community Center,
a large open space upon which he painted all of the walls with large murals.

This is a portion of one the murals in the Community Center.

He had his own little cottage on his family's property and this one little
room was always padlocked. After he died, his wife went in this room
for the first time and discovered that all of the walls and the ceiling had
been painted. The entire room was moved to the museum intact.

The size of this root blew us away. That is all.

Tonight it is raining. Here's a view from our motel door.
The lights are the only thing blue we could find in Biloxi.

Tomorrow we're going to go check out some sandhill cranes.


  1. love these pictures! fb friend kath

  2. I believe you guys have photographic evidence of the existence of E.T....might want to hang on to that one!

  3. @dale: Really. It's George Clinton's Mothership. We are funkadelic, we are not of this world.

  4. I really thought it was a spaceboat Dale... it gave me the shivers!

  5. "there's a whole lot of funk going on going on" Tell Bootsy I said what's up!