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Friday, January 21, 2011

To LA... Louisiana

 We left MS yesterday to a treat of overcast skies as we headed along Rt. 10 towards New Orleans. When we left we were listening to the plaintive voice of Neil Young, but as we got closer to our destination point somehow Voodoo Lounge by the Stones seemed more appropriate.

 Its very hard to capture sights with clarity when you're hanging out a window at 60 MPH and the unfamiliar scenery is whizzing past... but I do what I can. Each sight is thrilling, but I can't tell you how many blurred shots get deleted. Oh, I guess i just did.

 The roads are very smooth and the Astrals have noted a lot of construction going on which is a good sign in light of all the For Sale signs we see along the way.

 Here is the city of 'Nawlins in the distance. We have both been there many times and have fond memories, so we road by in silence remembering the pre-Katrina visits.

 The outlying neighborhoods still seem to be suffering a bit.

 This shot captures the essence of those neighborhoods, old, tired, sad but beautiful in a melancholy way.

I shot the University in transit and then later marveled that the street light underneath was like a glow of hope somehow.

 We see a lot of graveyards in our travels, but none quite like this.

 I love the elegant arc of this roadway, reminds me of Roman columns.
 The communication channel threads neatly over Lake Ponchartrain.
 We whizzed past our motel at LaPlace, LA which is the Andouille Capital of the world (or so it says on their water tower).

 Lunch was at Dot's a retro 50's luncheonette where I had a Patty Melt and Gerry had a sausage sandwich (probably made with andouille as it was spicy). Dot was actually pierced and tattooed and so very friendly with her charming Southern drawl.

 Thought it was funny to see such an extravagant item for sale at the humble little supermarket where we bought our room provisions.
 It seems like Spring here in places, although its still in the 30's.

 I spied an Ibis in the back of our hotel through the brambles and I was determined to get his picture.

There he sits, a little dirty and a little mean just giving me the stink-eye. I could almost hear him saying, "git yourself in that room girl and practice that blues harp, ya hear." So that's just what I did.



  1. Interesting shots of New Orleans in the mist and all that goes with it. I've only seen one graveyard like that before and that was in Paris, France at the Pere La Chaise. Very spooky places, those.
    Just look at that Ibis.

  2. Thanks Star... I wouldn't want to be wandering there at night!