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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vienna - Hotel Sacher Wien

Astral Wendy took so many photographs that I am forced to do multiple posts organized by category rather than trying to go in chronological order. This post will feature our outpost in Vienna, the Hotel Sacher Wien. Built in the late 19th century, it's the epitome of the grand European Hotel. It's located in the heart of the Inner Stadt, right across the street from the State Opera House. Pretty swanky for a couple of nomads.

Entering the main lobby.

The green room for breakfast? Of course! The breakfast was over
the top but we only did breakfast there once. I'll post more about that
 spread in a later 'food' post. 

Caffe Americano, Bitte.

The main sitting lounge. This was pretty opulent.

Photographs of all the swells who've stayed here over the
years. I was surprised they didn't ask for a shot of the nomads.

The entrance foyer.

Our room was so large, it had its own name.

The regal bathroom.

A nice handwritten letter from the manager welcoming
us and served up with fresh fruit, some chocolates,
and a couple of miniature Sacher Tortes. Wilkommen!

The view from our foyer into the main room. The foyer was so
spacious that I could have parked the Eurovan Camper inside. 
With the top up.

Bedchamber with chandelier.

Some wine and fresh fruit? Ja.

All the comforts of home. 

You could definitely stretch out in this palatial tub. Too
bad I'm more of a shower guy.

This chandelier was haunted by the ghost of guests past.
It would blaze full on in the middle of the night.

See the ghost?

Outside of the hotel at night.

When the housekeeper turned down the bed at night,
she always placed a foot pad down so that my
royal feet did not have to come in contact with the carpet.

Even the mini-bar was ensconced in an antique piece.

I would have spent some time reading here, but they
had no issues of MAD magazine.

Fresh fruit was delivered daily. They even threw in
a lychee. And another Sacher Torte for good measure.

The bathroom went on forever.

Astral Wendy, peacing out as usual.

Livin' large. 

In the Blue Bar. We were sipping a quiet Lagavulin when
forty loud Texans came in and starting ordering Jack
Daniels and Sprite. 

Still, a lovely bar.

The television had a wide array of channels from Europe and the Middle
East. The one that fascinated me the most was the Saudi channel. For
the entire stay, any time day or night, the only thing on that channel was
hajjis circling the Kaaba. No news, no sitcoms, no dramas. Just the Kaaba.

The entrance in day time.

Getting ready to leave.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd, your limo is here.
Auf Wiedersehn Hotel Sacher Wien.

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  1. Old World elegance at its best -- how wonderful to have stayed there! And that "all Kaaba all the time" channel makes me think of the 24/7 burning fireplace log that we get on a particular cable channel every year over Christmas and New Years. Oh well, at least you always know what's on the tube!