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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Getting to Vienna

Just a teaser post for starters. Astral Wendy took over 600 photos so she's going to be in the photo lab for the better part of the weekend. I had enough airline miles to score a couple of business class round trips to Europe, so we figured, why not Vienna? I had a hankering for some Wiener Schnitzel. 

Getting my fair share of wine in the Luftansa lounge.

Once on board, a little bubbly to lift the spirits.

Little Astral Wendy definitely had enough legroom.
The seats were like tilt-a-whirl reclining cocoons. I forgot to mention 
the swing out foot rest, so by morning, a sleeping Astral Wendy
had slid almost to the floor.

Shoes off. Let's do some flying.

Peruse the menu, Yes, we'll have some of that. And more wine, danke.

A large bag of almonds to let you know you're not in coach.

A little appetizer, the entree, and sleep if you can. Morning
comes fast.

Dawn over Germany.

Ja, all is in perfect order. Must be Austria.

Since the airfare was free, I decided to book a five star hotel,
the Hotel Sacher Wien. You may have heard of their famous
torte. Our room was so big, it had a name: La Belle Helene. More on that later.
We arrived around 10.30 am and, luckily our room was ready.

Speaking of things 'belle', here's Astral Wendy relaxing
by the fireplace. It was 90F the day we arrived, so we didn't 
need to use it.

When you fly overnight to Europe, the best thing to do is to try
to stay awake for as much of the day as possible. So, after checking in
we hit the streets for a walk about. Vienna is very mellow and seems
incredibly safe. Just a real cool vibe going on.

To be continued....with Food, Hapsburgs, Klimt, Schiele....and lot's more Wien.


  1. Wow! You two travel in style -- NICE! Looking forward to the rest of your posts about Austria, mein schatzen.

  2. GREAT photos Wendy! It must have been a wonderful trip..

  3. Thank you both Debra and Danielle... Bitte Schon! ! I have so many wonderful photos to share and Gerry can provide the wonderful and witty commentary. We had so much fun!

  4. Gorgeous room! I hope you were able to see Klimt and Schiele!!