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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Astrals Go London

Been a while since the Astrals have been on the road. Over a year since we returned from the epic journey that was the genesis of this blog. Quick summary: we came off the road, sold the Eurovan and resumed a less nomadic lifestyle. I'm back at work, Astral Wendy is back at grad school, and Otis is back to being a lay-about in his luxury hutch, a stationary haymunch. I had to go to the UK on business, so I figured I would import Astral Wendy after my week of work and head over to Paris for a little jaunt. Since I came in through Heathrow, the plan was to have Astral Wendy come in Friday night, spend Saturday in London to get used to the timezone change, and take the Eurostar to Paris on Sunday. So here's some shots of London.

It was completely coincidental that Astral Wendy arrived the 
night of the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics. 
Surprisingly to us, Central London was dead.
We usually stay at the Radisson Blu right off Leicester Square. 
I watched some of the opening ceremonies on the telly and popped out to 
All Bar One for a glass of wine, thinking Astral Wendy would be tied up 
getting through Heathrow immigration. As I was sneaking back to
the room, I ran into her walking down the street. 
A sweet sight for sore eyes.

Rule Brittania!

Astral Wendy discovers coolness everywhere. This is in the hotel stairwell.

Admiral Nelson I presume?

Ah! Summertime in England. It had rained every day for 2 months before 
I arrived and stopped the day I arrived a week ago. Didn't rain at all up in 
Kettering where I was  all week. 

London was eerily empty.

I'll say one thing for the royals, they know how to order a gate.

Stepping lightly
Just like a ballerina
Ooo-we baby, take off your shoes
Working on
Just like a ballerina*

One Saturday, we walked over to the Tate. Not only were the streets empty,
the entire museum had around 20 visitors.

When it comes to British art, with exception of Lucien Freud, I'm 
going Pre-Raphaelite all the way. 

Glass rotunda at the Tate.

Archangel Michael + Cranky Queen 

They had these creepy cyclopic things all over London for the Olympics.
Do Not Climb? No worries mate! 

The obligatory shot of Big Ben.

Since we were heading to Paris in the morning,
we decided to warm up with a nice
bottle of Chablis.

Saturday afternoon we strolled over to Covent Garden. London was festooned.

We popped into the upstairs of The White Swan to grab a bite. I'll grant it was on the early side, but 
we didn't exactly have to fight for a table.

Astral Wendy went duck. An Excellent Choice.

Leicester Square in summer glory.

A bunch of Paris posts to follow. The best is yet to come......

*Ballerina, Van Morrison


  1. AS always, the pictures are beautiful...glad that you had the opportunity to travel once again. Glad to see the astral nomads on the move. Can't wait to see Paris

  2. I was surprised when I heard on TV that central London and the usual London tourist attractions were deserted due to all the tourists being at the Olympics. I would not have expected that either. But you two lucky ducks picked the perfect time to be in London! Looking forward to your Paris pix too.

  3. You Astrals know how to live!What a dream having the Tate to yourselves!

  4. Have a pint for me mate! Glad u guys r having a great time. Taking dylan down to florida gulf coast university on wed. The next chapter in our life.

  5. What a wonderful stay you had. Just found your blog again. Hello Wendy :)