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Monday, August 20, 2012

A little more Paris

Well, the City of Lights looks pretty damn sweet in the daytime too. The Astrals prefer to walk a city and walk we did. It's nice in Paris to stroll along the Quais and see what you can see. Of course, by day five my dogs were barking. But that's a story for a subsequent post.

The Seine is scenic from any vantage point.

Our first full day in Paris we started strolling and sort of accidently 
on purpose made our way to La Sainte-Chappelle. From 1248,
it's the oldest church on the Ile-de-France and it's pretty spectacular.

The downstairs is beautiful but the upper chapel, with floor-to-ceiling
stained glass is breath-taking.

Almost made me hungry for a wafer. Of course, I'm
always thirsty for a glass of wine but it was 10am, which
is a little early, even for a lush like me.

Amazing. They should call Paris the 'City of Angels'

Even vandalism is beautiful in Paris.

A chic Astral Wendy in front of Notre Dame. In Paris, I'm
pretty sure you are required by law to wear a scarf.

Some groovy graffiti on the base of the statue of Charlemagne.

Charlemagne and his cohorts had some crazy facial hair.
I was thinking 'Looks kinda Germanic for a Frank."
Of course, the Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy
nor Roman nor an Empire. Discuss.

The main vault of Notre Dame. Seemed a little narrow.
What's the point of the Flying Buttresses, really?

No Sainte-Chapelle but some pretty
nice stained glass. 

So many flowers, so little time.

Old Notre Dame looks pretty good from the back too.

This is this cool footbridge over the Seine where lovers affix
padlocks with their names inscribed. Tres Romantique! I was reading 
that the City of Paris cleaned this up once (with bolt-cutters) but
then a new set of locks appeared. Last I heard, they're just
letting it be. 

Shakespeare & Company. Had to pose here and pretend I was
part of the Lost Generation. 

What can I say? Paris has incredible public spaces. This
used to be royals only. Viva la Revolucion! 

Here's a creepy statue.

Now for the good stuff. Another Brasserie, another great meal.
I went with Ceviche and Pomme Frites. 

Astral Wendy, in another stroke of menu genius, went Salad Nicosie.
Of course, I had some. The herring were divine. You just
can't get good herring in the States. I think they keep all
the good ones in Europe. Can't blame them really.

Yes, more to come......


  1. One of my favourite historical periods to read about is 1920s Paris, full of ex-pat artists, poets and writers of the Lost Generation. Lots of delightful lesbians too like Gertrude Stein, Nathalie Barney, Djuna Barnes, etc. Have you seen Woody Allen's last movie, "Midnight in Paris"? Worth watching!

  2. @Debra: indeed. A great time of intellectual ferment, fun, and creativity. Haven't seen that movie
    I'll have to check it out