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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Sunday: Sun & Warmth

We finally got a warm day so we hopped on our bikes and cycled north amongst the dunes. Just north of our hotel, the island is completely undeveloped, so riding along the highway is a pretty mellow experience. Not zero automobile traffic, but tolerable for sure.

It's pretty tropical here, the southern gulf being just beyond those dunes.

It felt good to be back in the saddle.

Astral Wendy was definitely ready for some cycling.

There are quite a few spots where the wind blows the dunes right
across the road. This spot was like the Sahara.
This spot was like a landscape out of Dune. Cue the sand worms and
bring me some spice!

Ah yes, the beach!

The shells. Did you notice the shells?

There was one blossom on the entire beach and Astral Wendy found it.
I don't know how she does it.

We passed a place where you could rent horses to ride
on the beach. I don't know why they had a llama too.
Wendy and I are both afraid of horses. Big, stupid, dangerous
and they have those shifty eyes that you never can trust.

Yes, we kept our distance and, no, we're not renting horses.

We rode past the kite festival again and there was an osprey just
hanging on the wire. Kites and ospreys. Get it?

You don't see these in New Jersey.

The afternoon turned out to be warm and sunny and we
found a nice bay-side restaurant called Amberjacks. The
food was good and the location was stellar.

Do not feed the seagulls.

I had seafood enchiladas in a jalapeƱo cream sauce, served with charro beans and rice.

Astral Wendy went for the Coconut Shrimp. You know I had one too.
They were outstanding.

Paradise by the bay.


  1. @so do bulldogs!

    @rents - I'm glad you finally found some warmth....Here in Jersey we have to eat spicy food to get the same effect!

  2. @Erica: When I saw that llama the first thing I thought of was Betty. Spring must come soon.