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Friday, February 11, 2011

South Padre to San Anton

The Astrals left the coast today and headed north to San Antonio. Figures that today was the beginning of a warming trend. Frankly, it was pretty cold in South Padre Island for most of our stay. We had one glorious warm day and the rest of the time, we were bundled up in fleeces. Now we're in San Antonio and so tomorrow we can finally look for the basement of the Alamo.

Here you can see the warm front advancing from the west as we had
our last meal in South Padre Island. Rats!

You know you're in a tourist area when there's a giant cement gorilla
in the vicinity.

As we moved away from the coast we saw the last of the wetlands 
for a while.

The drive from South Padre Island to San Antonio is almost six
hours through some very sparsely populated areas.

Cow alert! We also saw a wild boar grazing on the roadside and,
at one point, some crazy dog ran across the interstate right of front
of us in the middle of nowhere.

Marilyn, Tinkerbelle, Dora, and Betty Boop, Together again.

It ain't exactly spring yet.

Extra cow alert!

Heading into San Antonio. No snow! Yay!


  1. Juz' love this blog..
    Its so homely and feels like I travel with you.
    Beautiful pics too..
    Keep blogging!

  2. @Fiducia: Cool. That's the whole idea so I'm glad it's coming across.