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Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow in Texas. Say What?

The Astrals continued their unprecedented run at wreaking climatological havoc on the Southern United States by causing a rare Texas snow event. Everywhere we go, they say "it's never this cold here." Want proof? When we arrived in Austin, it was 78F. Two days later 16F. Criminy! The snow was what we would call a 'dusting', but it virtually paralyzed central Texas. We were heading to South Padre Island (about as far south as we could get in Texas) and the trip from Austin (normally about a six hour drive) took almost nine and a half hours. At least Astral Wendy got some nice photographs of this rare event.

The mighty Eurovan, undaunted.

We saw one eighteen wheeler flipped, but other from that it was just
slow bumper-to-bumper traffic from Austin to San Antonio. 


  1. Better be careful that it doesn't get out that you brought the cold and snow with you. Do Texans still tar and feather people and run them out of town on a rail?

  2. No Debra, call me naive but we have only met the nicest people on our travels and especially here in Texas.